14 Pieces = 107 Outfits With A Capsule Wardrobe


Many clients of mine constantly chat ask me about how to achieve more versatility in their closet. As of late, some have also expressed wanting to create a capsule wardrobe and pairing down the excess that is in their closet. While capsule wardrobes aren’t for everyone, the versatility in them is something to strive for in any closet size. After all, the more we ensure that purchases we make add value to our closet, the more mix and match ability we’ll benefit from.

To show you how few pieces it really takes to create hundreds of outfits in a capsule wardrobe, I took the challenge of using 14 pieces and creating 107 outfits with them. I used 4 pants, 5 tops, 5 outer wear pieces, 3 bags, and 4 shoes to create the hundreds of looks. This to me, is the best capsule wardrobe.

In the words of Bruno Mars, “don’t believe me? Just watch.”

  • Tammy Renault

    Can you do a 14=107ish white on white capsule please?

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment and feedback, I so appreciate it! I’m definitely working on more capsule wardrobe videos and will have them on my YouTube shortly. 🙂

  • Tammy Renault

    or at least lights

  • Tammy Renault

    Loved this video on youtube by the way. I really love how the outfits can be casual or professional and out the door kinda style. love love love it.

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