Consonant Skincare


Organic skincare has been having a major moment in the last few years. The idea of only using natural and pure ingredients to put on our faces is terribly appealing, but organic skincare has often felt, thick, drying and lack-lustre.

We want a rich, lovely texture for our creams; something that Liz Taylor would have applied while wearing millions of dollars worth of jewels.

That’s exactly what Consonant Skincare feels like.


Founded in 2009, Consonant Skincare wanted to bring a luxurious, high-end feel to a facial products that are 100 per cent natural.
Consonant’s award -winning Hydra Extreme Oil is a brilliant example of that. It’s a combination of natural seed oils and glycerin that gives the skin instant hydration and long term wrinkle reduction. The plumping effect is immediately noticeable, while bringing great comfort to the driest of skin. When combined with the Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream, it creates a superb night treatment.

We experienced Consonant Skincare at an event at The Blush Pretty Studios, and walked away with several trial sizes of their most popular products. After a week, our skin feels smoother, soothed and healthier! We are now believers.


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