Convertible Heels: The New Must-Have In Your Closet

Having styled women for years now, one thing is clear: all of us are looking for convenient, effortless style from day-to-night. We’re constantly on the hunt for items that will not only make us feel beautiful, but fit well into our lifestyles, too.


Despite maximizing our closets with key pieces we can mix and match with, somehow our shoe collection always seems to accumulate. These beautiful sources of pain and comfort can be cumbersome to travel with due to their shape and size — especially if you need to transition into a different pair as the day wears on.

In a genius move that answers all women’s prayers, Tanya Heath, a Canadian shoe designer, invented convertible heels for women that can help us all look our best at any time of the day. Wanting a comfortable shoe for women that can be used for all occasions, her interchangeable heels easily slide and click into place quickly, allowing women to transition easily for any event that may arise in their life.



The designer has hundreds of shoes and heels available at varying heights, styles and sizes to suit the many ‘hats’, personalities, lifestyles, and comfort levels that women are looking for. All heels are interchangeable with all of her shoes, so your dollar goes further. Who doesn’t like that? Each shoe begins retailing for $300.00+ with additional heels beginning at $55.00.

For more information, check out her website: