Holiday Beauty Picks


Celebrate the holidays with some of our favourite beauty products of the season! 

1. Mereadesso’s All In One Moisturizer is a great base for your look. It conveniently doubles as a moisturizer and primer with a bit of a shimmer.

2. The Body Shop’s Tea Tree BB Cream looks as natural as skin. With a subtle scent of tea tree oil the foundation is a breathable layer that will last the night.

3. For long fanning lashes use Maybelline’s Volum’ Express Pumped Up! Colossal mascara. The washable formula is coupled with a wand and brush made for achieving truly colossal lashes.

4. Released this summer Benefit Cosmetic’s They’re Real Pushup Liner is a fun addition to your makeup bag. Once you’ve got a hang of the one-step applicator wand you’ll never want to go back to the screw cap.

5. Get your brows in line with Tweezerman’s Brow Mousse! The no-flake formula and stiff wand work together to tame your brows or fan them to Cara Delevingne lengths.

6. Makeup Forever’s HD blush is a matte-cream layer to your look. The colour blends perfectly on your skin and can even double as an eye shadow!

7. If you’re in a rush, Broadway’s imPRESS Manicure nails in Fanciful are perfect in a pinch.  Festively covered in silver sparkles the press-on nails will give you with the perfect Christmas Manicure.

8. Finish your look off with Makeup Forever’s Aqua Rouge in Ionic Red. The long-lasting lip stain can be worn matte or with the provided gloss.