How-to Always Look Expensive

So many of my clients frequently tell me that they want to elevate their look to the next level.  Here are 10 ways you can look expensive on any budget. Anyone can always look expensive following these simple 10 tips.

  • myrnafaye

    Pointy toed shoes – especially with such a high heel – are terrible for the feet and for the body. When will we stop sacrificing comfort and health for “style”?

    • Didn’t say you had to wear them. I acknowledge that they aren’t ideal for the body — but any heel isn’t. That’s why I also suggested flats or loafers. They do look more polished, but it’s not an obligation to wear.

      • myrnafaye

        Christie, I realize you are making suggestions. High heels, especially with pointy toes, are a pet peeve of mine, I feel they are like Chinese foot binding. They are for looks only. I think the fashion industry is torturing us by presenting us with stiletto heels and telling us they are “fashionable”. We cannot move in these shoes except for short distances and as I said, they are notoriously bad for our bodies. Since the fashion industry will not stop perverting our sensibilities, it is up to us to say NO, Hair dyeing is another…

        • There are plenty of other options in fashion as alternative shoe suggestions. If they are a pet peeve, you certainly don’t have to opt for them. I, personally, love heels and have no problem moving around in them. They are my choice to wear and love, just as they are yours to-do the opposite. The same goes for the choice to dye our hair.
          The watch is created by Daniel Wellington; they’re beautiful pieces!

  • Cathy Chester

    People with disabilities can’t wear point toe shoes. You need to be more inclusive and caring.

    • Please don’t make naive assumptions that I’m not inclusive or caring. I work and assist people with disabilities regularly and customize advice, like I would with any client, to what’s appropriate for them. Just like any free content, the video is generalized to apply to a broad audience; it’s impossible to create tips that apply to everyone. That why they’re “tips” and not “rules” — they’re for inspiration to apply to your closet and lifestyle if you feel it’s a good fit. I care very much about my clients — you saying otherwise it ridiculous.

      • Cathy Chester

        I didn’t mean to sound so flip. It’s so hard to look fashionable while having to wear round-toed shoes and only flats. It’s exhausting to shop due to my illness, so to find something that is perfect for me and the community I write for is so hard to do. Thanks for listening

        • Rounded toe shoes and flats can still be a lot of fun! You can get some really cool embellishments, colours, and styles! Have fun experimenting with your style. If you feel limited there, focus on other aspects of your style you can control more of — find something you love and highlight that! Just because you can’t do one thing doesn’t mean you aren’t stylish. You can look and feel beautiful doing a variety of things! xo

      • SheSpark

        This is Thea from SheSpark. Christie has some excellent tips, thanks to Vibrant Nation for the feature. Regarding your personal concerns, I recommend for comfortable yet funky options. I feel artsy and cool in mine. Taryn Rose shoes are made for orthopedic-challenging issues (the designer is an orthopedic surgeon!) and are office friendly. Buy them from Nordstrom who will take anything back if you find them aggrevating your disability. In general, choose low vamp designs and avoid ankle straps to keep your leg looking long and lean.
        Good luck! — Thea Wood