My Hair Journey With Viviscal

Anyone that knows me can tell you that I have an obsession with hair. I love the look of it, the way it can evoke and create different feelings in pictures and through styling. It’s glamorous.

While I love all different hair lengths and styles, deep down, I, myself long for luxurious, long, thick hair. My reality? Fine, dried, damaged hair.  I’ve been actively trying to grow my hair for years. Years. Despite my willing it to grow and regular trims to keep my locks healthy, the length never seems to appear and my hair continues to parade on it’s brittle, lack lustre journey. Cue my tears.

As a result, I’ve opted for fusion extensions to give me the length and volume I’m looking for. I’ve had them for 4 years and love them. Before someone objects saying they damage your hair, no, they don’t — IF you see someone that knows what they’re doing — but that’s an entirely different topic to discuss.

In my mind, I see my hair as this:



In reality, my hair doesn’t QUITE look the same.


Whomp, Whomp.

I’ve decided to go on a hair journey. Recently, I was introduced to Viviscal, a hair nourishment system that helps revive your hair from the inside out. This supplement helps bring life back to your locks through 4 stages that happen over 6 months (though some experience benefits in as little as 3 months time). The stages are as follows:

Stage 1
Viviscal works to nourish hair follicles from within.

Stage 2
Strengthens and supports hair from the inside out.

Stage 3
Supports the hair to become healthy and strong where it has become damaged.

Stage 4
Makes your hair noticeably thicker, fuller, healthier looking and more vibrant.

 Viviscal is a coveted hair product used my many celebrities. The ingredients are natural and assist with hair thinning, hair loss and nourishing your hair.

I, personally have been using the product for approximately 3 months now and have been loving it so far. You simply take 2 tablets per day with a meal — easy, peasy. While the results are slow at first, they have been steadily increasing the longer I’m using it. My hair is beginning to look healthier and I can feel that my hair at the roots feels hydrated, soft and thicker. On my last trip to the hairdresser, she, too commented how healthy my hair was beginning to look — score!

Does it make hair grow everywhere on the body? No. Don’t worry ladies, you won’t need to shave or wax anymore than you were initially. The only other portion of my body that I’ve noticed a change with is my nails — they’re incredibly strong! Mine typically split easily, but they’re incredible at the moment!

I’ll be keeping you posted as I progress through my hair journey and will let you know what changes take place.

Stay tuned!