Become a Personal Stylist!


Over the past decade of styling, I’ve had the privilege of not only working with some amazing clients, but have also had the pleasure of meeting aspiring stylists who have followed my journey over the years. Many of whom email, call, and Skype regularly with me wanting to learn what I know and asking when I will teach not only how-to style yourself and clients, but also how to run a styling business (and how to start one) as well.

I’m happy to say to some of the beautiful aspiring personal shopper, stylists, and those craving to learn more, I’m FINALLY offering training!

On October 28th (Saturday), I will be providing a one-day stylist intensive training for 12 people ONLY. We’ll be starting at 10am and going to about 5pm. This will take place at Yorkdale mall in Toronto in a private suite.

During the day, we’ll be discussing:

  • The body-types in-depth.
  • How-to style each body-type.
  • Styling principles you need to know.
  • Brands and their cuts. Where to shop with your clients.
  • How-to style different personality types.
  • How-to style different lifestyles.
  • Fashion for any budget.
  • How-to do closet makeovers.
  • How-to personal shop with a client.
  • How to get clients.
  • How-to start/run your business.
  • How-to grow your business while working a full-time job (the hustle is real!).
  • How-to promote yourself.
  • Branding.
  • How-to interact with your clients as well.
  • Your client’s experience.

This training will be VERY interactive and hands-on (as I find that’s the best way to learn), so there will be a ton of information covered!

If you’re looking to making your dreams a reality, work in the creative field, or just make some extra money, then come and learn!

This one-day intensive training is $650.00/pp. It will only be offered once a year.


Please note: There is a non-refundable fee of $150.00 if you sign-up for the course and then cancel for any reason as seating is extremely limited. If the course were to be cancelled on my end for any extenuating circumstances, a full refund will be provided.

Have any questions? Feel welcome to email me: or call 905-630-8033.

  • Michelle

    I’m not in your area but am interested…

    • I will have an online course in future. If you’d like to be kept in the loop, please send me an email. xo

  • Alice Adler

    Would love to but cannot this year??? Next year perhaps??? Too bad its only offered once per year but I understand. Is there any research you can recommend to discover if this is the right road for yourself??? Thanks.

    • I will have an online course in future. xo

      • stream lake

        Looking forward to it, in your group on facebook! 🙂

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