Spring Makeovers for $300 off!

Great ready for spring! We’re offering our clients favourite style package for only $799 — over $300 in savings! This package will be available for purchase until May 15th only (appointments do not have to happen in this time frame).

See the details of the this stylish experience below!




Are you looking to learn more about yourself, your style and how to create your own signature look?

Did you want to take your closet from drab to fab?

Currently, you may feel: 
  • Okay about your sense of style, but want to step it up a notch.
  • Confused about how to dress your body. Some pieces look really great on you, while others are all wrong. You want to look as put together as some women you’ve seen.
  • Your closet is full of pieces, but you have ‘nothing to wear’ or not enough variety.
  • Ready to create your own signature sense of style.
  • Like you need to treat yourself to an experience that will make you feel beautiful, special and will help you love your body.
  • Ready to elevate yourself in your career and dress the part to help you get noticed.
  • Ready for a ‘mommy makeover’ (for those with kids).

If you’ve identified with any of the above (or perhaps all), you’re in the right place!


During the next 6 appointments, you’re going to help you feel beautiful! As a personal stylist and style coach, we’ll show you how to embrace your body, love it’s shape and step towards creating your dream wardrobe. 

We will:

  • Show you the power of style in the work-place and how dressing the part can help leverage your power in the company or with your business.
  • Help you clarify what colours are best for your clothing, hair, makeup and jewellery. No more guessing games. We’ll pin-point what hues are perfect for you specifically so that each time you get dolled-up you’ll look radiant.
  • Identify your body-type. We’ll show you how to work your shape so that you’ll always look like your dressing to impress, even when you’re ‘off-duty’ and simply dashing out the door for errands.
  • Give you the low-down on how to accessorize, dress to flatter your shape and select outfits that will have you excited to get dressed in the morning.
  • Clarify what you signature style is. You’ll be the woman with the effortlessly put-together look everyone will admire. We will make sure your style feels authentic and right for you.
  • Show you how to create multiple outfits from just a few pieces in your wardrobe. We’ll show you how to-do this with any clothing items you add to your closet over the years so you can constantly create new, exciting, fresh outfits for yourself.
  • Create a lookbook for you. Each outfit we create for you will be captured with a picture and will be sent to you afterwards in a beautiful e-workbook to reference any-time you like.
  • Help you identify what, where and how to shop. No more dressing room drama! We’ll show you how to pick out the right pieces that will flatter your figure and add to your wardrobe for years to come.


Rest assure, you will have full control over what your style looks like. We’re passionate about making sure you love your end result so that it feels authentic, special and something created just for you.


To get started we’ll:

  1. We’ll send you a beautiful style profile to fill out and detail how you feel about your style and body currently and what you envision for yourself. We welcome you to send us pictures of what you’ve been coveting for yourself. Be as detailed and creative as you like! We’d love to get to know as much about you as we can.
  2. Encourage you to grab a latte or glass of wine and chat with us! We’ll schedule a  30 minute phone call to chat about your style profile. We’ll dive into detail about this process, your goals, how we can help and how we will achieve everything together.




Your appointment breakdown will happen as follows: 

  1. Initial phone consult. See above.
  2. Colour Analysis: We’ll drape you in an array of different coloured fabrics and show you step-by-step what your ideal colours are for your clothing, hair, makeup and jewellery. You’ll see what colours make you glow and will make you feel fabulous when you get dressed in the morning. We’ll also gift you with a personalized colour wallet that you can put in your purse for shopping trips for reference.
  3. Signature Style: Let’s get a little more personal and help you embrace and love your body. We’re going to show you what your body type is, how to flatter it, and how-to style it. We’ll show you tips and tricks for dressing yourself so that you feel fabulous in knowing you’re going to rock any outfit you put together. We’ll analyze 3 outfits you have in your closet currently so we can breakdown what isn’t working, what is and where to go from here.
  4. Shop Your Closet: It’s time to play dress-up! We’ll spend a few fun-filled hours in your closet giving you tips on organizing, showing you want to keep, donate and alter to ensure you only have pieces that flatter your shape, make you feel good and give you options in your wardrobe. We’ll bring a camera to take pictures of outfits we’ll create that will be made into a fabulous look-book for you of all the stunning outfit options you have! We’ll show you how-to mix and match so you’re able to create outfit options for years to come. As we comb through your wardrobe, we’ll create a list of pieces you may need to purchase in future to fill in any gaps you may have.
  5. Personal Shopping: It’s time to hit the shops. Let’s grab some lattes and have a fun afternoon browsing stores together. With the list we’ve made from your closet and any additional options we may have discussed for purchase, we’ll hunt down hidden gems that will further capture your beautiful style while ensuring they will seamlessly blend in with what you have at home. The budget is set by you (depending on expectations, we can shop with a budget as modest as $200 and upwards) and there is no need to purchase anything should you not feel comfortable too. We’ll show you stores that will help you achieve your style while demonstrating how to select gorgeous pieces without frustration. For those that don’t enjoy shopping as much, we can pre-shop for you so that all the dream pieces you’ve been searching for are awaiting you in a change room as you arrive to each store.
  6. Phone Date: A couple of weeks after we’ve finished out appointments together, we’ll reach out to connect for another 30 minutes on the phone to see how you’re doing. You may have some questions you thought of after we finished or outfit options you created that you want an opinion on. We’re open to helping with whatever you may need!



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