Style Transformation


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Currently, you may feel: 
    • Unsure of how to create that ‘put together’ look you admire on others you see.
    • You’re ready to invest in yourself and (for once) make yourself a priority.
    • You’re ready for a change in your life and want your style to reflect the new you.
    • You’re ready to learn more about your body-type, investigate your style, and become a style expert about your own sense of fashion.
    • You’re unsure how to flatter your body-shape and want to learn how to best style it.
    • Your closet is full of pieces; some you love and others you don’t know what to do with.
    • Ready to create your own signature sense of style.

If you’ve identified with any of the above (or perhaps all), we’ll be a great match.


During the next 4 appointments, you’re going to help you hone-in on your signature style, and help you feel beautiful! As a personal stylist and style coach, I’ll show you how to embrace your body, love it’s shape and help you in creating your dream wardrobe (all while having some fun, too!). divider2divider2

After payment, to get started we’ll:

      1. We’ll send you a beautiful style profile to fill out and detail how you feel about your style and body currently and what you envision for yourself. We welcome you to send us pictures of what you’ve been coveting for yourself. Be as detailed and creative as you like! We’d love to get to know as much about you as we can.
      2. Encourage you to grab a latte or glass of wine and chat with us! We’ll schedule a  20 minute phone call to chat about your style profile. We’ll dive into detail about this process, your goals, how we can help and how we will achieve everything together.




Your appointment breakdown will happen as follows: 

      1. Initial phone consult. See above.
      2. Colour analysis: We’ll come to your home with our colour fabrics to perform the colour analysis. We’ll have you sit infront of a mirror near natural lighting (which we can bring if you don’t have it at no extra cost) and drape you in various coloured fabrics. It’s a visual appointment, so we’ll show you which colours are better for you and why as we put different coloured fabrics around your face. During the appointment, you’ll discover which colours best flat your skin tone, are best for hair, makeup, clothing and accessories. Once we’ve found what colours make you shine out of the 10 colour seasons (yes, there are 10 now, not the traditional 4), we’ll provide you with a personalized colour wallet with your colours in it. We’ll sit down and show you how to use it so that you’ll understand how to find your colours when shopping for clothing and accessories! Knowing your colours eliminates frustrating shopping tips and makes your closet more streamlined so that you have the ability to mix and match your wardrobe seamlessly!
      3. Signature Style: Let’s teach you about YOU. We’re going to show you what your body type is, how to flatter it, and how-to style it. We’ll show you tips and tricks for dressing yourself so that you feel fabulous in knowing you’re going to rock any outfit you put together. You’ll learn how-to select the best clothing for yourself, how to wear jewellery, what neck and hemlines flatter you the most, and more. We can breakdown what isn’t working, what is, and where to go from here. This will be done at the same time as the Shop Your Closet session.
      4. Shop Your Closet:  Most of us only use a fraction of our closets due to clutter, not knowing how to mix and match, or because we’re unsure of how to create looks we love. In addition to giving you a break-down of your body-type and how to style it, Ill help you sort through your closet to help decide now only what pieces flatter your figure, but what you can alter to make it look incredible, and also, what to purge if it doesn’t serve you (or how to use an item as a transition piece until you have a better replacement). We’ll spend a few fun-filled hours in your closet giving you tips on organizing, showing you want to keep, donate and alter to ensure you only have pieces that flatter your shape, make you feel good, and give you options in your wardrobe.  I’ll show you how to create multiple looks only using a few key pieces at a time (turning 6 pieces into 12 looks!). Unsure how to mix prints? Ill teach you. Don’t know how to wear jewellery? I have you covered. Want to know how to put flattering looks together? Done and done. Need versatility so you can easily pull together beautiful outfits? No problem. I will take pictures of each new outfit we create and make a look book for you that you can reference every-time you get dressed. We’ll show you how-to mix and match so you’re able to create outfit options for years to come. As we comb through your wardrobe, we’ll create a list of pieces you may need to purchase in future to fill in any gaps you may have. (approx. 2.5 hours).
      5. Personal Shopping: Let’s grab some lattes and update your closet! Want all of pieces you need to update your look waiting for you in a change room?  Say no more! I pre-shop for all of my clients to make sure flattering pieces from the stores we will be ready and waiting for them. With the list we’ve made from your closet and any additional options we may have discussed for purchase, we’ll hunt down hidden gems that will further capture your beautiful style while ensuring they will seamlessly blend in with what you have at home. The budget is set by you (depending on expectations, we can shop with a budget as modest as $200 and upwards) and there is no need to purchase anything should you not want too. We’ll show you stores that will help you achieve your style while demonstrating how to select gorgeous pieces without frustration. (2.5 hours).
      6. Workbook: A week after we’ve finished out appointments together, I’ll reach out to connect and provide you with your style workbook containing all of the information and gems we discussed together.



Investment: $1192.50 + HST (10% off from purchasing a la carte).  Includes consult, travel within GTA, and services listed above. Gift certificates available (click the buy now button below for prompts. Certificates will be emailed within 24 hours).

We serve clients all over Ontario and are happy to come where you are: Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, and beyond!

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“A few years ago, Christie Ressel basically changed my entire outlook on clothing, fashion and the importance of forward your best personal image. Without a doubt, using Christie’s services has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. 

Once an aimless shopper trying to squeeze in to the next “trend”, Christie made me realize that I didn’t need to do a complete overhaul of my wardrobe, or make drastic changes to achieve my own look. After getting my colours done and having Christie raid my closet, I began looking at everything differently. From clothing to shoes and accessories, to pairing pieces together I never would have imagined doing, I now dress with confidence knowing that I can look good and be totally comfortable in a style that expresses who I am. Within my existing wardrobe, Christie was able to highlight what worked, and helpfully pointed out some things to avoid. 

As someone who spent years on television, it was always important to have a put-together look that was both professional and expressive of my own style. But the things I’ve learned from Christie have transcended every aspect of my life. Shopping now has never been more fun. I’m more conscious of what I buy, based on being able to zone in on my colours and flattering fits. I can immediately identify what I know won’t work or what to pass on. Since meeting with Christie, I have lost count of how many times friends, family, coworkers, even complete stangers, have come up to me and commented on my “well put-together look”. Hearing that never gets old!

What’s so great about Christie is that she not only brings an in-depth knowledge and expertise of her field to the table, but always includes elements of fun and flair to her work. She is an absolute dream to work with and be around. Christie’s positivity and caring attitude is infectious and her passion clearly shines through in every thing she does. 

Let me put it this way. Thanks to Christie, I realize now that it’s not only about buying the right sweater or boots. Nor it it about having the latest fad hanging in my closet. It’s about knowing how to use and maximize what you’ve got, and feel good about it. That’s true style. Please, do yourself a favour and let this woman work her incredible wonders on you. I promise, you will not be disappointed.”

–  Jackie V.


*If at any time you decide that you do not want to complete a package after paying, services rendered will be billed at their full, original rate and a refund of the remaining amount will be provided.