Work Wardrobe Basics


I often talk to my clients about what’s needed to make a work wardrobe function well. While some pieces will vary based on lifestyle requirements and personality style, there are a few essentials that I find myself recommending to women time and time again.

These work wardrobe basics, to me, are timeless and can be utilized in any business casual environment. If you work from home, these pieces could also be used to potentially dress up some of your casual items at home.

  • Cassidy Davis

    I was hoping that there would be a list and some photos here 🙁 Thank you for making the video though

    • The video will be far more in-depth with outfit ideas, I promise.

      • Cassidy Davis

        I watched the video first and then went to the bog site. Loved the video 🙂 Your style is one of my favorites!