Brow Beauty Tips



Eyebrows – they are so important to our face! Afterall, they help show our different expressions and emotions throughout the day. Not only this, but they are a vital factor in showing the shape of our face.

However, many women and men will be quick to admit that they can also prove to be a nuisance as well. The waxing, plucking, tweezing and tourturing is not what we want to sign up for. Especially because this is often only the first step in having beautiful brows. Afterwards, most women still have to fill them in and hope they stay in place.

There are so many clients of mine that often say, ” My brows are perfect when I leave the house, but somewhere throughout the day – the hair in them moves and they no longer look as nice.”

So how do we get our eyebrows to behave?

There are numerous ways, but only two that I will suggest:

1) Although not entirely recommended – you can trim your eyebrows to keep those pesky hairs short and in place. The only problem with this, one wrong swip of the scissors and you can kiss your nicely tamed brows goodbye.

2) You can purchase a child size toothbrush. After you have filled the colour in your eyebrows and have brushed them in place – take the toothbrush and spritz it with hair spray. Lightly, you can comb a little bit into the brows to keep them in tact.

With this inexpensive trick, you’ll be able to have the eyebrow beauty you’ve aspiring towards.