At-Home Pampering from Bon Vital

If there is one thing most people will agree on today, it’s that we all lead busy, crazy lives. Our schedules have become so full that just thinking of them often bring the crying emoji face to mind. As a result, self-pampering often gets pushed to a “if I have time” last-resort kind of mind-set; how depressing is that?

BVspa by Bon Vital, the #1 preferred brand of professional massage therapists, is a line of products that are now offered to bring into your home for some self love and indulgence for those quiet moments of relaxing at home. Created to treat and heal the skin, these spa-quality products will have you singing their praises. The line comes in variety of products such as creamy body butters, soothing lotions, and rejuvenating salt and sugar scrubs, in revitalizing scents like pink grapefruit, pomegranate & acai berry, and lavender & rosemary.

I was fortunate enough to try the products in their grapefruit scent (my favourite smell), and was over-the-moon about the results. As someone with dry skin, I’m forever rubbing different lotions and potions on my skin relentlessly throughout the day to try and hydrate my skin. Needless to say, annoying doesn’t even begin to describe this daily regimen for me in the wintertime. However, when trying BVspa, I only needed to apply the products once and didn’t feel the need to re-apply later that day. *Air high-five* I could not have been happier.

I also tried the exfoliant scrub and LOVED how soft my skin was  left after it’s use. Getting rid of any dead, dry skin made the application and use of the body butter that much more effective. In short, I’m hooked.

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