Best Bathing Suits for Every Body-Type

Summer is here, and with it comes the panic for many of buying a bathing suit that will flatter their shape.

While many dread swimsuit shopping, if you know what cuts and details to look for when it comes to your shape, it can help make the process a bit easier. In honour of #NationalBikiniDay, I’ve picked out some bathing suits for each body-type that will highlight and flatter each silhouette beautifully.

Unsure of what your shape is or how-to dress it? Find out now.



If you are someone that’s larger on top; meaning your bust is fuller than your hips and you potentially have broad shoulders, then you may be a V shape. For this, cutting into the chest depth with plunging swimsuits and adding volume and attention to your bottom half will be most flattering.


If you’re someone that’s a little more straight through the body, with your bust, hips, and waist all fairly straight, you may be an H shape. For this, keeping the silhouette elongated and with details above the bust and on the hips will look lovely.


If you’re someone that’s full through the hips and thighs and a little more petite through the bust, you could be an A shape. This body shape does beautifully with details on the top half of the body.


If you’re a little more robust through the waist than you are in the hips and bust, you could be an O shape. Bathing suits that have ruching and high-density prints look gorgeous.


If your bust and hips are full with a very narrow waistline, you could be an X shape. Things that emphasize your waist and keep you balanced looking are ideal.

Want to learn how to dress your shape in-full and know EXACTLY what to shop for?  Find out now.