Do You Work From Home In Your PJ’s?


Do you work from home in your PJ’s?

I don’t.

You shouldn’t either.

It can be so easy to roll out of bed, pour a cup of coffee and stroll over to your desk and start typing away for the day, never having to change out of what you went to bed in.

Plus, it’s comfy, too.

But, do you feel like your highest and best self when dressed that way? Is your image helping you be who you want to be? When you catch your reflection in the bathroom mirror at home, do you immediately think something positive or negative?

It makes a difference.

Most of us have had the experience of putting on a new outfit we feel really good in and feeling a shift in the way we go about our day as a result. We feel confident, stand taller, smile more, and in general, feel open to more possibilities.

From this energy, it’s easy to confidently put together new programs, to pitch a new idea, to speak up and to be more productive. You feel good. Your image and energy is aligned with who you are at your core.

55% of our credibility goes to what people see visually. While others may not see you while you’re at home behind your keyboard, you do. You catch your reflection.

What you think of yourself and how that shifts your energy matters.

While I don’t think anyone needs to be unrealistic and put a full professional outfit together when at hone (unless called to-do so), creating a put-together look is important.

Easy go-to’s of mine? Good fitting jeans and a blouse, a skirt and tee, relaxed trousers and a cami – anything that makes me feel good enough to answer the door in-case someone stops-by. Even if it’s just the UPS guy.

Whether I’m with clients or not, I always want to feel like my best-self. I always want to pour my best self into my work. My clients deserve that, and most importantly, I do to.