Drugstore Lipstick Must-Have

drugstore-lipstick-must-have-toronto-wardrobe-consultantThose that have been following me for sometime now know that I have a bit of a lipstick obsession. No matter how many times I say I don’t need anymore of those butter beauties to apply to my lips, another shade catches my eye and the devil on my shoulder lightly prods that this shade is slightly different and needed in my collection.

While I love my luxury brands, I’m always on the hunt for exceptional finds in the drugstore as I’ve often found that there are some great options (and some that blow the high-end competition out of the water if I’m to be frank).

drugstore-lipstick-must-have // Left to right: Rosy Nude, Buff Nude, Pink Blossom, Red Carpet, and Vivid Plum. //

On my YouTube channel, I’ve spoken highly several times of the Canadian brand Marcelle. I use some their products religiously (the self-sharpening waterproof eyeliner, extension mascara, and the makeup remover are heaven), so it’s of no surprise that when they released new goodies I’m amped to see what they’ve come up with.

This month, Marcelle released their Rouge Expression Velvet Gel Lipsticks; 5 creamy, extreme colour lipsticks that glide onto your mouth effortlessly. Just as the name suggests, these lipsticks have a stunning velvet-like texture and finish, and are ultra-lightweight  so you don’t feel like you are wearing makeup.

marcelle-velvet-gel-waterproof-lip-liner-toronto-personal-shopper // Left to right: Rosy Nude, Buff Nude, Pink Blossom, Red Carpet, and Vivid Plum. //

The brand also released matching waterproof lip-liners that boast of 8 hours of wear with a matching creamy formula. I love the idea of waterproof lip-liners as too often, competitor options last what feels like minutes before they dissipate. When I swatched them on my arms for the pictures, I can attest afterwards to their staying power as I had to scrub my arm a little more to get those babies off.  On that note, since lipstick, in general, tends to fade a bit faster, I would recommend you line and fill-in the lips entirely with the liner before applying the lipstick. This way, when the lipstick does begin to fade (and if you don’t have  the time to reapply at that moment), you won’t be left with a rim around your mouth.

marcelle-velvet-gel-lipsticks-toronto-fashion-consultant// Left to right: Rosy Nude, Buff Nude, Pink Blossom, Red Carpet, and Vivid Plum. //

Perhaps what I love most about these new velvet gel lipsticks are the colours; 5 wearable, day-to-day lipsticks that work for any skin-tone.

Each lipstick and lipliner individually retail for $11.95 and can be purchased in drugstores or online at Marcelle.com.