Eyebrow Tutorial for Beginners


When I do makeup applications and tutorials for my clients, a question that I often ask is whether my client currently fills in their eyebrows. Most often I’m told of a routine that consists of a tinted gel in the morning and that’s it. While that is perfect for those that have thick brows to begin, I find that many women often are victim to over-plucked  or over-waxed brows (I can relate, I did it to myself in my late teens/early twenties) that need a little bit of TLC in the morning.

I always encourage anyone to shape their eyebrows as they create and enhance anyone’s bone structure; really bringing the face to life. However, there is a learning curve to shaping your brows, and I remember when I began myself how frustrated I often was.

For those that would like to begin filling in their brows and creating more shape for them, watch the video below. I’ve created an eyebrow tutorial for beginners so that it will become easier (and easier with practice) to shape your eyebrows the way you’d like.