Fake Bake Flawless


With summer dwindling away, everyone seems to be scrambling to keep their bronzed glow. While many are often hesitant to use tanning beds for the bad reputation, more often people are turning to sunless tanners to help keep their tan into the autumn months or all year round.

The process of finding a good self tanner can be a daunting one — afterall, how do you know what it will look like on your skin? No one wants to walk around looking like an umpa loompa because of the product on their skin.

I, myself have been a fair skinned beauty my entire life. Not only am I pale, but, I’m down right Casper 24/7. I’ve become the on going joke in the family as someone that repels sunlight (though, not by choice). As a result, I’ve constantly been trying self tanners for years now. Many we’re okay, and some were just plain awful.

It wasn’t until recently that I heard of Fake Bake — a company solely dedicated to sunless tanners. I picked up their Flawless tanner, and have since been in a commited tanning relationship with it. Not only does it give you a deep, brozed look; it also dries immediately and lasts for up to 10 days. Not a hint of orange! It comes with a mitt also for application to help avoid an uneven tan. It’s incredibly easy to use and the product itself lasts ages (my first bottle took 3 months to finish). In short, I highly recommend it!

Looking for tips on application and a more detailed review? Check out our video review.

For more info on Fake Bake and their products, check out www.fakebake.com