Fashion For Any Budget

There are so many magazines out there pushing women towards designer purchases in order to feel chic and fashionable. For most, this will not only break the banks, but leave them feeling frustrated that they can’t feel current. I’m here to say that any woman on any budget can easily be fashionable, chic, and elegant at any time!

Luckily there are many stores and websites available now to assist women on the hunt for fashionable finds that are easy on the wallets.

Here are a few things I suggest so that all women can be fashionable, and chic on any budget:

1)      Hunt in vintage stores: Vintage and thrift stores have the best hidden gems! Take an afternoon with some girlfriends and play in the clothing/accessories from decades past. There are hundreds of beautiful items that are waiting to go in your closet!

2)      Trend items are not worth the splurge: items that are a little more extreme and trendy are not worth the splurge in clothing. Buy really trendy items in more inexpensive stores such as H&M, forever 21, Winners, and so on. This way, when the piece is no longer in style in 6 months, you’ll be happy you didn’t break the bank for it.

3)      Get some great accessories: Jewellery, scarves, hats, and any other kind of accessories completely change the look/mood of an outfit.  Get yourself a variety of pieces that will suit your many different lifestyle requirements and add them to more classic pieces – you’ll be surprised how many outfits you can create!

4)      Black is not all that: I’m here to set the record straight – black does NOT make everyone look good. “The little black dress” is not timeless because of the neutral shade, but rather because of the simple and elegant lines it has – which makes it a “classic” piece. I recommend splurging on more classic items that will last in your closet – but doing so in fun splashes of colour to give your clothing an extra ‘pop’.

5)      Know your colours: Having a colour analysis done, will save you time and money when shopping. It will show you your best colours for your clothing, hair, makeup, and jewellery. Any easy way to ensure you’ll only invest in pieces that make you shine!

Following these few tips will ensure that you get the ‘best bang for your buck’ all while being chic, stylish, and confident!