Winter Statement


The end of January brings an awkward transition in the world of fashion; where we’re not ready for springs pastels and warm climate clothing, but have long left the trends of autumn’s past. While some may find this portion of fashion a bit blah-zeh, I love it for the creativity it can awaken in our closets.

When consulting women about their wardrobe, I often remind them that inventing new outfits from what they currently own is not only a sure fire way to maximize their investments, but also breathes fresh air into their clothing.


Hat: Rudsak, Coat: Rachel Zoe, T-shirt: Asos, Necklace: Dynamite, Jeans: Paige Denim, Bag: Forever21, Shoes: Vans

I’ve had this faux-fur coat by Rachel Zoe in my closet for a few years now. An oversized statement, this jacket is one I typically had worn with more elegant items on special occasions. When searching for a winter outfit recently, and finding myself grabbing my typically staples (t-shirt + jeans), I decided to toss my classic pea coat aside and opt for this winter statement instead. While the jacket immediately elevated my staples, I made sure it was dressed down by pairing it with white sneakers and a toque as well.

The result was a current, casual outfit that I fell in love with. Something comfortable, yet out of the ordinary fit the bill perfectly for me.


I encourage you to also rummage through your closet or storage bins and scour for pieces you typically only wear on dressy occasions and see if there is a way to for you dress-it-down so that you, too, may get more mileage from some of your favourite items. Do you have something you’d like to wear more regularly? What is it and what could you pair it with?