How-to wear OTK (Over-the-knee) Boots


A trend that has taken over this autumn is the over-the-knee (OTK) boot. More dramatic and sexy than the ankle or calf boot, this piece of footwear instantly creates drama to any outfit.


When wardrobe styling with clients, many ask me if women over the age of 30 can wear these type of boots without looking like they are trying too hard to be trendy; the answer is yes. The key to making the look age appropriate is by ensuring there is enough coverage on your legs to compliment the rest of the outfit.


For example, if you’re wearing a tunic (a top that is long in length and finishes just past your derriere), I recommend wearing leggings or skinny pants with the look when also rocking the OTK boots. For a┬ádress, select one that┬ácovers the top portion of your boots, or wear tights/nylon if skin may show as this will create a lengthened (and more polished) look for your legs; the same would be said for shorts. Are nylons a necessity? Not necessarily, but past the age of 45 I would suggest it (however, if you have the confidence to rock it without them, do it!).

Below are two examples of how you can wear the over-the-knee boots during the day and night.


How-to wear OTK boots day-to-night


What do you think of these boots? Will you be wearing them this season?