It’s no secret that I’m a planner nerd. What can I say? I will always choose pen and paper over technology. I love the tactile feel and smell of fresh books and paper, and for that reason, will always love the act of keeping track of my schedule in an agenda.

Because I love journaling and planning so much, years ago, I decided to invest in a Louis Vuitton PM agenda; the smallest of the agenda’s that the brand offers. In the years to follow, I found other purposes for the Louis Vuitton MM and GM agenda sizes as well.

On my YouTube channel, many of you requested that I review each of the agenda’s for those that are looking to invest in their first planner, or to simply get inspiration on how you can use your planners, too. I was happy to oblige!

Click on the video below and see my thoughts on each agenda, which I recommend for day-to-day use, and more.

Which one would you choose?