Makeup Application and Tutorial



Currently you:

  • Aren’t sure if you’re applying makeup properly. You may know some basics, but want to step it up a notch.
  • Need some guidance on finding the right products that will work for your skin-type and colouring.
  • Are ready to master creating a natural day-look with your makeup.
  • Want to know how you quickly take your day-look to evening.
  • Are busy. You want to know how you create a 5 minute face.
  • Want to know how to apply makeup for your face specifically.

If you feel you fit into any or all of the above, I’m happy to help.

As a makeup artist, we’re constantly helping women discover the best techniques, colours and products to use when it comes to their cosmetic routine. As much as your wardrobe is important to your image, your makeup creates the perfect polish to your look.

In the appointment we will:

  • Discuss your skin type. It’s crucial to know how to take care of your skin properly and understand what kind of ‘canvas’ you’re working with before applying makeup.
  • Talk about your colouring and what kinds of colours you should be using for your makeup.
  • Analyze your current cosmetic products.
  • Apply makeup to your face.
  • Show you how to apply makeup while performing the application on you.
  • Discuss makeup application techniques that are best for your face.
  • Show you how to create a natural day look, evening look and a 5 minute face.

We want to ensure you’re thrilled with your makeup, so rest assure you have full control over the final look.

We’ll come to you for the appointment, so you can relax in the comfort of you home and ask any questions you may have.

Investment: $375.00.

Appointment is approximately 2.5 hours. 

We serve clients all over Ontario and are happy to come where you are: Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, and beyond!