My Skin Saviour: The Face Shop


If there is one thing I don’t address enough, it’s how important your skincare routine is to not only make your makeup look good, but to look equally as radiant when opting for an au naturale look sans cosmetics. After all, if you look glowing without makeup, why bother with much of it?

Keeping my skin healthy has always been a priority, but a struggle for me. I not only suffer from plenty of scaring on my skin from sun spots (a curse of being so fair that everything makes an appearance on my skin), but also from majorly dry skin. While my dry skin gets a bit of a break during the summer months, I know cooler temperatures are always around the corner ready to zap any moisture I may have.

I was recently introduced to THE FACE SHOP, a Korean brand that is making waves in skincare across the world, and let me tell you, I am blown away.

First off, let me say, I’m a hard sell with skincare. Most companies make a lot of claims and fall short on their promises.  Not only this, but many also use a litany of fillers and chemicals in their products that have nothing to-do with nourishing your skin. THE FACE SHOP not only crushes it’s competitors in delivering high quality products derived from nature, but it also does exactly what it says it will do — leaving it’s consumers (a.k.a. moi in this case) a happy camper. The price points of the numerous skincare lines they offer are also affordable — especially for some of the ingredients offered.

But dry skin, let’s get back to that for a moment. While learning about the brand, it was recommended that I test-drive the Mango Seed line offered at THE FACE SHOP. It’s a hydrating line and I was told would sing my dry-skin blues away. Now, let me tell you, the Korean skincare regime is vastly different from our North American one. Instead of the typical three steps we go through as a nighttime routine for our skin (cleanse, tone, moisturize), Koreans follow a — ready for it? — ten step skin care regime. Now, before you faint and say there’s no way you can make time for that, let me tell you, I thought the same thing. While I follow the full ten steps now (and find it easy), I was told it’s not necessary if you don’t want to go down that rabbit hole (though for best results it’s recommended).

First off, it’s recommended that you double cleanse. While that may seem a bit much, cleansing with an oil (I use the Rice Water brightening oil) first to remove makeup and then following-up with a foaming cleanser does wonders in ensuring that any and all residue from the day has been taken-off of the skin. From there, an exfoliant is recommended; I used the Mild Papaya Peeling which blew my mind. While traditional exfoliants have micro-beads in them, this is a liquid product with no micro-beads, and yet, it still pulls dead skin off your body to showcase buttery, baby skin underneath. If you follow me on SnapChat you would have seen this in action when I first tried it. If nothing else, trust me, you need to pick-up this product!


After exfoliation comes toning, another product that threw me through a loop. In our Western culture, our skincare lines are completely focused on removing everything from our skin (including all of the healthy oils) and then adding products back in to give it life. The FACE SHOP focuses on nourishing the skin from start-to-finish so that your skin is always glowing (and oh, mama, does it ever!). So, while traditional toners strip your skin with alcohol, the Mango Seed toner I used is a silk moisturizing toner. That’s right, I said moisturizing! Who knew you could do that while toning your skin?

The last steps of the skin regime to use are an emulsion on your skin, moisturizers, oils and a face mask. While it may seem like a lot, think of it as treating yourself to mini-spa treatment. My skin LOVED this part. After applying a facial butter and oil, I would then dive into two of my favourite goodies; the firming eye cream and face mask (pictured above). The eye cream has a metal applicator to not only help the product blend beautifully, but it was cooling on the skin, which also took away any puffiness around the eye. The face mask I would apply immediately following, and although I looked like Jason from Halloween, my skin just drank in the moisture. I would leave it on for approximately twenty minutes while watching TV or tidying my place and then gently remove it when done.

The end result was buttery, glowing skin. I’ve been using the products for approximately 3 weeks and have definitely noticed a difference. Dry patches on my skin have dissipated and I can see some of the scarring on my skin beginning to lighten — Hallelujah!

If you’re unsure what line may be right for you, the consultants in-store will help you find the right one for your skin and a regime that feels doable.

Want to check-out the amazing goodies in-store (including some makeup that’s amazing also!), check out