Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks


It’s that time of year: Nordstrom is having their infamous anniversary sale! This sale is great because it’s a blend of both summer pieces hitting even more affordable price points, as well as new fall pieces for the upcoming season that are also on sale.

Nordstrom is giving store cardholders early access to the Anniversary Sale from July 12-18 before it opens up to the public on July 19.

To help navigate this massive sale, I’ve selected my top picks from the sale.


1. Coats & Blazers. Having a good third layer to your look makes such a difference. It help your outfit look modern and more dynamic. I love the offerings during the sale (I admit to getting a bit carried away when selecting things, but they’re just too good!).

2. Jumpsuits & Dresses. These one-and-done outfits are essential to have in your closet. If you’re ever in a hurry (when aren’t we all?), these no-brainer outfit options are awesome to be able to grab from your wardrobe. I’m especially partial to prints; they allow you to pull different colours for them and use them in any season.

3. Jeans & Bottoms. There are so many good options right now! I personally love mid and high-rise options as I find them the most flattering on the majority of body-types. I personally recommend something that has a fun twist to it (like a funky hem or texture). If you’re a legging lover, I highly recommend trying Spanx leather leggings. They’re a cool way to switch up your look.

4. Skirts. Love a good feminine touch to a look! Right now, the midi skirt is really having a moment, so there are many options to choose from! I love all of the textures and prints out right now. There are so many great options!

5. Tops. I’ve included both sweater, tees and blouses into this category.

6. Shoes.

7. Bags. I was a little underwhelmed at the selection, but there were still a few gems.