Oh, The Places You’ll Glow! Put Your Best Face Forward + GIVEAWAY


With summer well underway, makeup is light, and clothing is easy so we can focus on the fun memories in the making. With summers care-free attitude, it’s still understood that all of us still want to look and feel our best while doing so. Am I right, ladies?

I recently connected with The Mississauga Cosmetic & Laser Clinic and The Toronto Plastic Surgery Clinic for them to help me put my best face forward. Their services offerings range from amazing facials, peels, laser therapies, injections as well as other major cosmetic surgeries. For me, I’m all for a woman making herself feel beautiful in any capacity that feels right to her.

While I’ll be back to test-out some of their facial and laser options because my skin is a bit of a hot mess from sun damage, this time around, I decided to see what all of the hype was in terms of Botox. I met with Dr. Laura Schiffer, the medical injector, at their Mississauga location to get the low-down on what was involved in the procedure (and whether I was brave enough to-do it).

The clinic itself was incredibly inviting when I walked-in, as were the staff, which immediately put my scaredy-cat nerves at ease. Once I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Schiffer, she and I discussed what my concerns were with my face (which were mostly the beginning of fine lines around my eyes and forehead). To be completely open, I honestly though my consult would last all of 10 minutes as my experience with any medical professional in past has proven that they often want to move on to their next patient; however, I was very impressed at the fact that Dr. Laura had spent almost an hour with me explaining everything. She was thorough in showing me the pros and cons of where I was considering getting injections (my forehead I didn’t do at all as apparently it can make your eyes droop over time — which as someone with hooded eyes is never an area you want to mess with more!), and made me feel completely comfortable with the process. There was no pressure from her to get anything done that day, nor did she make me feel like I needed anything (another thing I made the mistake of having a pre-conceived notion about). She even covered how to best keep care of your skin naturally so that someone wouldn’t feel as much need for any filler or injections down the road. I told her I just wanted to keep a youthful aesthetic without looking like what Courtney Cox or Nicole Kidman have become.

After speaking with her, I decided to take the plunge and had Botox injected around my eyes and slightly above my brows to give my hooded eyes a bit of a lift. The injections took seconds to-do and didn’t hurt (much to my delight as I’m terrified of needles). I had 22 units in total, which I know isn’t much, but it was perfect in giving me an au-natural look that I’m happy with. Nothing looks dramatically different, but for me, I can see subtleties in the mirror. I walked out a happy camper and will definitely return in future; the whole team was a pleasure to deal with and the after-care was easy-peasy.

For those that also want to put their best look forward this summer, The Mississauga Cosmetic & Laser Clinic and The Toronto Plastic Surgery Clinic is giving my readers a chance to enter their #OhThePlacesYoullGlow giveaway where you can win a $500 gift certificate towards your choice of non-surgical services of yourchoice, and one runner up winner a $150 gift certificate for non-surgical services. To enter the contest, click here to enter! You can enter until July 15, 2016; the winners will be announced after July 20th. You can also check-out more about their services on their website at http://www.mississaugacosmeticsurgeryclinic.com.

The Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Clinic:
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The Toronto Plastic Surgery Clinic:
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