Online Personal Shopper


The options  for online shopping are both exciting and overwhelming at the same time:

  • Where to start?
  • Will it fit?
  • Will it flatter my figure?
  • Do they ship to where you live?
  • Will it be good quality?
  • Are the stores reliable?
  • What if you need to return or exchange items?
  • What stores are best to shop at online?

As your online personal shopper, I’ll scour the best sites online and pin-point pieces that will flatter your taste, body-type, style, and budget. Best of all, online personal shopping suits those who don’t know what to wear or have a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to shop.

“My online person shopping experience with Christie both met and exceeded my expectations!  She was very easy to work with, quick to answer any questions I had, and made it enjoyable.  She picked out great items that I could mix and match easily to create numerous outfits.  I will definitely contact her again in the future when looking to change up my wardrobe again.” – Melissa D.

How does it work?

  • To get started, I’ll email you a style questionnaire so that as your online personal shopper, I can learn about your style needs, wants, and goals in detail. When you send it back, I’ll also ask you for a few pictures  of yourself so that I can see your body-type (I want to make sure every piece flatters you beautifully!). If you have any Pinterest boards you love, feel welcome to send those over too!
  • You set the budget. I ask for one so that I can select stores and items that are PERFECT for you and don’t stress your wallet out upon arrival.
  • Armed with your fashion needs and body-type, as an online personal shopper, I’ll begin searching for key pieces to elevate your style and create that effortless put together look; all within your budget, while also ensuring that everything mixes and matches seamlessly.
  • On average this is the equivalent to: 4 bottoms, 6-7 tops, 1-2 dresses/jumpsuits (more tops/bottoms can be added if this is not desirable), 2-3 layering items and/or an outerwear piece, 4 shoes, 2-4 bags, and accessories that can mix between each look.
  • All of the components of those looks mix and match with one another – giving you hundreds of outfit possibilities and the best bang for your buck. Don’t believe me? See how I turned 14 pieces into 107 outfits.
  • Once I’ve finished shopping for you, you’ll be sent a private link on my website for all of your personal shopping. All of the pieces I suggest for you (along with the size recommendations I suggest for you) will be pictured so that you can see everything at a glance. EVERYTHING will mix and match.
  • I will have made sure the pieces are in your size (but recommend looking at what I’ve selected sooner than later as I can’t guarantee the stock of a store for a long period of time) and that the retailer ships to your address without hefty shipping charges.
  • If for whatever reason you’re not in-love with an item or two, simply let me know and I’ll find a replacement better suited for you.
  • Pour yourself a glass of wine, throw on some comfy clothes, and start shopping from your couch! You’ll be able to click through each outfit casually, examining and selecting the pieces you love at your convenience.
  • Purchase what you adore and wait for your new, perfect-for-you pieces to arrive at your doorstep!

Investment: $450.00 USD


* Online personal shopping can takes up to 2-3 weeks to complete once style profile is sent back to Christie, personal stylist. You will be given a concrete date for your shopping once style profile is returned.