OOTD: Pop of Colour


Come the springtime, so many of my clients often tell me that they need to overhaul their wardrobe. While personal shopping with them in prep for spring, the question of colour often comes up. I’m asked how much colour should be incorporated into a closet in order to look “spring ready”.

For me, I always recommend going with what feels comfortable to you. Some individuals love lots of bold, vibrant doses of colour in a look all at once, while other prefer subtle dashes here and there. If you’re someone that loves neutrals but wants to try adding colour in your wardrobe, I suggest trying to add a pop of colour to your outfit — whether that’s in a big or small way.

For example, you can incorporate small doses of colour into your aesthetic through lipstick, nail polish, or even a scarf. However, if you’re ready for a bigger commitment, adding colour in classic pieces can instantly make you look current without being over-the-top.


The classic trench coat is the perfect example. Typically, this wardrobe staple is found in tan, black, and navy — and while all of those shades are beautiful, I decided to scoop up this beautiful purple number and take it for a spin instead. The silhouette is still classic, but the bright hue is a head turner, and instantly makes me feel fresh each time I reach for it when I head out the door.

If you’re worried about investing in something and then hating it, search the thrift stores! I found this purple jacket in Value Village for $62. The fit is great, and if it happened that I didn’t like it as much as I was hoping (which isn’t the case, I love it), then I wasn’t out a substantial amount of money. For me though, adding this purple jacket overtop of my neutrals and classic pieces instantly makes me feel more fun (and has me wanting to grab more colourful options to pair with it!

Where do you like adding colour to your outfits?



Outfit details:

Trench: Value Village
Jeans: Paige Denim
Shoes: Gucci
Scarf: Bootlegger
Bag: Coach
Sunglasses: The Store On Queen