Are you ready to make you and your brand magnetic?

Brand styling for your business is a powerful way to amplify your message, communicate to your audience through images and elevate the look of your business to something high-end. 

Your brand should not only showcase who you are, but also command attention and STOP THE SCROLL. It gets you noticed.

If you look dated, it's assumed your skill-set is also. Let's keep it fresh for you so that your dream clients are drawn to your energy, expertise and skill-set that will put you ahead of the pack.

My brand photoshoot styling can be done in-person or online to get you ready. 

There are two offerings. Both include: 
  • A style and brand questionnaire so I can learn more about your, your brand, company and mission.
  • Consult (1 hr).
  • A custom brand board styling to figure out colours best for the shoot and how to reflect your brand/vibe in your style. 
  • A virtual lookbook to house your looks for the shoot that you will have forever access to.
  • Hair/makeup suggestions (as well as professionals you can work with)
  • Complimentary lunch for each styling session.
  • Local on-set assistance the day of (up to 6 hours) to make sure everything runs smoothly, things are steamed and clothing looks good when in the middle of your pictures.


Option A - Wardrobe styling: 
  • If you only want to work with the clothing in your wardrobe (no shopping) and want on-set help. We’ll go through your wardrobe and come up with up to up to 7 looks based on what you already own.
  • Alterations, if needed, will also be discussed.
  • I'll also share what pieces to look for if any additional items need to be picked up too perfect the looks.
  • Up to 6 hours of wardrobe time, travel, lunch, virtual lookbook and set time.
Option B - The Works (wardrobe + shopping + set-time):
  • Wardrobe session above.
  • Personal shopping based on a curated list for the shoot and any other goodies that may be added to the closet for fun.
  • I will pre-pull items and have a private styling suite available for us to look at the options and style further together to complete your looks for the big day.
  • Looks will be finalized for you in your virtual lookbook you will have forever access to.
  • Alterations will be discussed for the perfect fit.
  • Shopping sessions last up to 6 hours. Wardrobe, pre-shopping pull, shopping, virtual closet, lunches, virtual closet, travel, set-time


Investment: $4997.00 USD

Save $500 when you pay -in-full

Investment: 3 monthly pmts of $1833.00

All online sales are final and subject to these terms.

Payment options available.

Wardrobe Styling


Pay in-full


Custom brand board

Up to 7 looks created from your closet.

Alteration support.

Shopping list of suggested items to complete your looks.

Complimentary lunch.

On-set support up to 5 hours.


Style me!

The Works


Pay in-full


Custom brand mood board.

Wardrobe styling. 

Custom shopping list.

Private styling suite.

Personal shopping to elevate and perfect each look.

Complimentary lunch in each session.

Alteration support.

Hair and makeup recommendations.

Up to 15 fully styled looks for your photoshoot.

On-set support up to 6 hours.

Style Me!

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