Q&A with Rita Remark



Rita Remark, lead nail artist for essie Canada answered our questions on what inspires her creative nail art, what to expect this SS15 for nails and how she gets nails runway-ready in a flash.

FT: What are your favourite looks coming up this SS15?

RR: I’m mostly excited about the return of colour.  For the past few seasons we’ve seen a lot of nude nail looks. It was so exciting this season to go to designer meetings and have them request colours.  It’s a breath of fresh air. I’m also excited about the growing trend of mis-matched manicures. On the runway at Thom Browne and Jeremy Scott in New York, fingertips embraced their individuality and were polished with each their own shade for a spectrum of nail colour. 

FT: How do you think that the ‘Norm Core’ fashion trend has changed nail art as we know it?

RR: ‘Norm Core’ was a reaction to fashion over-saturation.  It took clothing down a notch and focused more on casual wear and basics. When re-written in nail terms, it sounds, more or less, like what we’ve been seeing in manicures for the past two seasons. There was a period when nail art had just gained momentum and everyone was taking nail art to wild and overwhelming levels with glitter on top of line-work on top of studs and so on. I definitely think the natural nail trend that we saw for SS2014 and FW 2014/15 had something to do with that.

FT: Matte really took over for  FW14. What will bump the matte nail trend from it’s top spot in SS15?

RR: I think comparing shiny and matte polish is very similar to comparing lipgloss to lipstick. Neither will ever go out of style. I think last season marked the official induction of matte topcoat into nail’s hall of fame, so to speak. It gives women more options for their nail colour and so it’s definitely not going anywhere – especially since you’ll be seeing it walk the runway for three shows in Toronto this season.



FT: What is your top “nail hack” to use in a pinch backstage?

RR: Last season Essie introduced “Quick-E” drops and now I can’t imagine how we survived backstage without them! They’re formulated to dry polish faster and to prevent smudging. This is fantastic for the essie nail artists backstage for two reasons. One, because time is always an issue when polishing for the runway, so we need manicures to dry in a snap! And, two, oftentimes models have to get into dressing while their nail polish is still drying.  “Quick-e” drops provide a barrier that prevents snagging and smudging on clothing. It’s my Fashion Week mani miracle.

FT: How do the styles of the designers’ pieces influence your nail art?

RR: Almost always, the actual designs are my direct inspiration for the nail art. When given the opportunity, I love re-creating the patterns and textures from the clothing onto the nails.  Even matching the colours in the polish to the colours in the garments makes for a real streamlined look walking down the runway. I’ve always felt that nails are the finishing touch on a runway look; that extra ‘polish’ that draws it together and makes everything flow together seamlessly.

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