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Are you ready to feel beautiful and inspired by what you have in your closet?

Are you ready to uncover the hidden gems in your wardrobe?

Are you looking to have new, fabulous outfits that flatter your figure?

Are you looking to de-clutter your wardrobe, get rid of things that don’t serve you, and only have items that seamlessly mix and match with one another?


Christie was lovely to work with and certainly understands style. A thoroughly enjoyable experience and “a must” for anyone who is looking to clear out the old, uncover the great, and find some new ways to making current trends work for you as an individual. As a busy professional, Christie provided an invaluable service by helping me look at my current wardrobe with fresh eyes and offered great suggestions to make my shopping trips easier and more enjoyable.”

– Adrianne S.


Currently you may feel: 

  • Your wardrobe is full with some pieces you love and other things you’re not sure what to do with.
  • You often resort to the ‘same old thing’, but you’re becoming bored with wearing the same outfits time and time again.
  • You have items in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in years still hanging up ‘just in case’ you may wear them again.
  • Pieces you loved in store remain unused in your wardrobe because you aren’t sure how to create an outfit with them.
  • You’ve looked at your closet in the morning and said “I have nothing to wear”.
  • Envious of women who always look “put together”. You’d like to achieve the same aesthetic.
  • Frustrated with all of the clutter; you’re unsure what to get rid of and what to keep.

If you resonate with any of the above, we’ll be a perfect match.



Here is how the session unfolds:
  1. I’ll send you a style profile to fill out so that I can learn more about your style wants, goals, and needs. You’ll also be prompted in the form to send me a few pictures of yourself so that I can see your body-shape.
  2. We’ll have an initial consultation for 30 minutes so that we can go over your style profile and discuss what you filled out.
  3. I’ll create a style mood board. To ensure I’m on the right track with your style creation, I will make a custom mood board to reflect the style you want to create. It will be sent to you before our session for approval to ensure we’re on the same page.
  4. At the beginning of your wardrobe session, we’ll cover your body-type in-depth. I’ll go over what your shape is, how to dress it, how lines manipulate your shape, how your bone structure influences things, what types of prints to look for, and much more!
  5. What serves you? Your closet should ideally reflect the highest and best version of you! We’ll start going through your closet making sure things fit, the clothing is the correct silhouette, and serves the image you are wanting to create for yourself. Any items that don’t serve your shape, lifestyle, goals, or in general are just worn-out we’ll discuss as an option for donation or alteration.
  6. Mix and match. I’ll show you how to create multiple looks from just a few simple pieces in your closet. In fact, I can show clients how 18 items can turn into 216 outfits! Yes. You read that properly.
  7. Create: Let’s make some outfits! I’ll show you how to create multiple looks only using a few key pieces at a time (turning 6 pieces into 12 looks!). Unsure how to mix prints? I’ll teach you. Don’t know how to wear jewellery? I have you covered. Want to know how to put flattering looks together? Done and done. Need versatility so you can easily pull together beautiful outfits? No problem. I will take pictures of each new outfit we create and make a look book for you that you can reference every-time you get dressed. Unsure of whether you can create any outfits in your closet? No problem. We’ll spend time sorting through what you have so that what is left is functional. We’ll sort while discussing what pieces would be perfect additions to your wardrobe in order to create the versatility and image you want.
  8. Lunch. During our session, I’ll provide lunch and any snacks you may like.
  9. Plan: We’ll create a list of things recommended for future purchase in order to fill any ‘gaps’ you may have in your closet.
  10. The aftermath: you’ll receive a beautiful e-workbook with all of the fashion tips and outfit tricks we discussed during the appointment. You’ll also receive all of your outfit photos to use as reference anytime you’d like some inspiration for what to wear.

What you’ll end up with? A closet you’ll love to look at and a wardrobe that fills you with excitement about the outfit possibilities inside that all suit you perfectly.


This is perfect for seasonal updates!


“I have been in the television industry for 20 years, mainly in front of the camera, so how I look is very important. Do I ever wish I had Christie’s help 20 years ago. What a difference she has made in how I look. I have had many people comment recently on how well put together I look and how fabulous my style is. Now I have always had a sense of pride in how I dress and thought, for the most part I looked pretty good. But wow I have never felt better! With just a few changes and a better understanding of my body shape, not to mention colour I am loving how my clothes look. And the best part is I am re-working a lot of what I already owned, just wearing things a bit differently – as a belt is my new best friend! Thanks so much Christie. I can’t wait till I have you in to work my closet again.”

– Linda R, Television Producer



  • Style Profile to be filled out by you.
  • 30 minute consult.
  • Shop Your Closet service (4 hours).
  • A personalized style workbook after the session outlining the information we covered.
  • Pictures of new outfits we created during the session in a look-book for you a week following your appointment.
  • A shopping list of what to look for on your next trip to fill-in any wardrobe gaps you may have.
  • Lunch or snacks during our session.
  • Travel within the GTA.

I serve clients all over Ontario and are happy to come where you are: Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, and beyond!

*Please note, if you live in downtown Toronto and your building does not offer parking, you will be billed for parking fees.

Investment: $1,200.00 + HST