🥂 Let's make you a showstopper in your business. 🥂

🥂 An image that’s memorable and always top of mind for your clients.🥂

🥂 An image that's an example of the potential for them. 🥂

🥂 An energy and image that can be FELT as soon as you enter a room.🥂


Your style is always talking for you. Since you're successful and the face of your brand, you know it's crucial that your image is telling a story of embodiment, success, possibilities and ownership.

When you do this, not only can your clients FEEL your energy and presence, but most importantly, you can to. 

You'll not only look stunning, but you'll feel a new level of authenticity and expansion that will drive your actions and possibilities to next levels during the day.

In short, you'll feel and look next-level.

That is the power of style. 


Hi, I'm Christie! I'm an image consultant and coach who LOVES helping women elevate to their potential, make more money in their business and look the part while doing it. I've been working with high-level women for over 13 years and I've been fortunate enough to be a regular image expert in the media, taught and lectured across North America and have been the VP of Canada for AICI.


🥂 Let's make you the STAR of your brand. 🥂

You're busy and probably don't have time to shop, but you also know that it's important to put your best foot forward in business. After-all, high-level women use their image as a tool to make more money. Period.

This is why all successful women have a team helping them - including an image consultant!

Let's help you feel LIT UP by what you see in the mirror and feel confident knowing you're showing up as the most powerful, authentic bad-ass to your clients also.

There are 2 packages to choose from:

Package One: 🥂Six-Figure VIP (6 months) 🥂

  • Brand style development. We'll do an initial deep dive together so I can learn more about your brand, direction and how we can bring that out authentically in your image. 
  • I'll create a style board as a visual representation of your brand to ensure we're communicating exactly what you want. This is style on YOUR terms.
  • Colour Analysis: I'll cover the best colours for your clothing, hair, makeup and accessories. You'll also receive a physical wallet with your colours in it.
  • Makeup lesson with notes to ensure you look on-point.
  • Wardrobe audit. We'll cover fit, your body shape, and what to keep/purge.
  • Virtual Closet: Want Cher's closet? Your wish is my command! You can upload all of your pieces to an online closet where I'll be able to keep track of things for you!
  • Personal Shopping: we're going to level-up your existing pieces and get items for your closet and/or photoshoot that reflect the style on your brand board. I’ll create 10-15 custom branding looks for you (that you can use in a photoshoot, virtual teachings, office, etc.) and anything else you're looking for. All will mix and match! 
  • Virtual look book: All of your gorgeous outfits will be housed in a virtual lookbook! 
  • Hair recommendations (if needed) regarding cut and colour.
  • Alteration support/direction.
  • Monthly outfits (up to 2 hours), where I’ll touch base and see what your needs are. I will create 10-20 new looks from what you own, each month
  • Monthly shopping picks to keep your image fresh.
  • Photoshoot support (on-site shoot help available for an extra fee).
  • Travel/packing lists and outfits.
  • 6 months of support. Think of having me in your back pocket, on retainer! You'll have Voxer access to me (live voice memo, picture, text, video) for extra support during our working time together.
  • Essentially, you can end up with anywhere between 60-250 new outfits you're obsessed with.

Package Two: 🥂Six-Figure Up-level (3 months)

All of the VIP package above without any monthly outfit options/sourcing.

This will create your up-levelled image that you can maintain going forward. 

On average, you'll end up with 75 outfits.  


“Christie is that stylist best friend you wish you had! I stumbled upon Christie’s work through her Youtube channel and have been working with her for about a year now. I took most of her online courses, did my color analysis and was blown away with the results. 

Recently I hired Christie to do an online shopping session and OH MY WORLD! The shopping session has been the wisest investment for my wardrobe. Christie patiently looked for each piece that matched to my personality and liking, until I was satisfied with the totality of pieces.

Once the clothing arrived, Christie advised on cuts, length, what needed to be sized up, etc. … and that was not easy task with my 4.11 height. And on top of all of that, she created ready to go outfits for me. 

Being an entrepreneur and mom, this is priceless as I am able to grab pieces from my closet and instantly look stylish. I am in love with each and every piece that Christie helped me purchase and they all mix and max with each other, so no more waste. 

My goal is to budget these sessions at least twice a year to gradually build a closet that reflects my personality and that I love and I would be working with Christie again and again. She is the absolute best in her field!”  – Sakina I., TX.  


“Ever since I’ve been working with Christie, I regularly get stopped by random people commenting on how amazing and put together I look. It’s the best self-investment I’ve ever made, and I’ve seen a dramatic impact not only on my self-confidence but also my personal success. When she claims to help women rise to their best selves through style, she really means it. Invest in yourself and bring Christie into your life- you won’t regret it and only ask yourself why you waited so long to do it.” – Michelle Z.

Package Options

Payment plans are available on request. Contact for details.



Brand board to reflect your style

Colour Analysis

Makeup Lesson

Wardrobe audit

Virtual Closet + Look book

Personal Shopping 

Post shopping styling

Alteration Support

Monthly outfit options

Travel/packing lists

3 Months of access to ask me questions

Avg: 75 outfits



Brand board to reflect your style

Colour Analysis

Makeup Lesson

Wardrobe audit

Virtual Closet + Look book

Personal Shopping

Alteration Support

Photoshoot support

6 Months of access to ask me questions/have me on retainer

Monthly outfit planning

Packing lists

Photoshoot lists/planning

Monthly sourcing to keep image current.

Avg: 75-200 outfits.


All online sales are final and subject to these terms.


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