Taking “Me-Time”

When chatting with my clients while shopping or making over their closests, many often tell me how happy they are to be doing something that is just for them. In between jobs, kids, partners, and social agendas, it can be overwhelming to find time to savour on your own. 

Never a morninng person, I have recently taken it upon myself to rise early in the morning as it’s usually the only time I will find silence in my day. Large mugs of coffee are in hand to help my new found ‘me-time’. 

While it lasts for only a half hour, an hour if I’m lucky, sipping coffee, eating breakfast, reading, going for a run, or simply doodling in my agenda (yes, I love to-do that. #nerdalert) allows me to re-charge my batteries and prep for the day ahead. Plus, I feel good doing something I enjoy, which in turn helps propel my day forward on a good note.


Getting up at 5am every morning hasn’t always been pleasant, and I’m sure I would scare most at the sight of my cow-lick hair and dark circles, but, it’s worth it. 

Far too often we wait to create that time for ourselves once the bottles of wine no longer help and our nerves feel frazzled. 

It’s so important to find time for yourself. You are worth the time. 

What would you do and how would you feel with carved-out ‘me-time’?