The Best False Eyelashes

Using KISS Blooming lash.

Clients, friends, and my family can all tell you that I have a problem with false lashes. What started out as something innocent for my wedding and clients, quickly transformed into a full blown obsession I indulge in a few times a week.

Girls night? Lashes.
Dinner out? Lashes.
Filming for YouTube or an on-air segment? You best believe I will  be rocking lashes.

And why not? They add drama to any make-up look — whether you’d like it to be a subtle addition or something over-the-top, they can really make your eyes  pop. For those that have hooded eyelids,  false lashes can also make your eyes look more open and alert. I have slightly hooded lids as well, so I’ll take that as an extra reason to take advantage of using them. Any excuse to fuel my love affair, right?

When doing makeup tutorials or applications for women, I often get questions  about my favourite products. While there are hundreds of lashes out there, I tend to stick with the same faithfuls that I know most women love and are tried, tested, and true.

Here are a few that give the most beautiful touch to any makeup look you create:

1. KISS: Natural Flourish Blooming Lash. With their multi-angle technology, this new lash line from KISS Products offers a multi dimensional lash that makes them look natural — despite how dramatic or Au-naturel you decide to go with your look. I’d only recently tried these lashes and am head-over-heels. I feel like I have lash extensions when I rock these.


2. Ardell: Wispies. Hello, gorgeous. These lashes are a full-strip that offer some va-va-voom to your look. While their sister, demi-wispies, offer a similar but slightly less dramatic look, these ones have been a go-to for many brides and women looking for a fun night out. For anyone that may be unfamiliar with false lashes, Ardell falsies are incredibly light-weight and mold to your eye beautifully.


3. Quo: #803 Lashes. This set of lashes are one of my favourites for brides. Flirtatious and slightly glamorous, these falsies really highlight the eyes beautifully and stand out nicely both in-person and on camera. While the lashes themselves are pricier compared to other affordable brands, on a special occasion like your wedding day, they are worth a few extra dollars.

best-false-eyelashes-34. Red Cherry #42 lashes. These lashes are my personal favourite. Lightweight and slightly pixie looking, these lashes blend seamlessly into your own lashes. I first picked-up these lashes at IMATS in Toronto a couple of years ago and have since made them a must-have in my personal and client makeup kit.


What are your favourites?