Top Blazers for Fall


“What’s one thing that will help dress up my casual pieces?”

This is a question I get all of the time. My go-to answer is always, throw on a blazer.

While many typically associate a blazer with work attire, to me, it’s an everyday wardrobe hero. It’s something that can be paired with your most casual wardrobe items, or can be worn with some of your most glamorous. Either way, it will always help elevate your look and give some extra interest to your outfit.


If you’re someone with a casual lifestyle, like a stay at home mom, or someone that works from a home office, don’t worry — blazers can still totally work for you. Opt for a style with some stretch and perhaps one that also mimics a bit of a cardigan. No comfort will be compromised!

I, personally, am a blazer junkie. I have far too many of them (if I’m being honest with myself). Despite that, I’m always drawn to more. They make an outfit! For me, I feel great wearing a fabulous pair of jeans, a tee (or sexy cami), some statement shoes, and a great blazer. It’s my go-to uniform most days.


Below, I’m breaking down some of my top blazer picks for this season! I’ve grouped them into two categories: investment and affordable; depending on your budget.

Investment blazers:

Affordable blazers:

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