Colour Analysis



Having your colours done will show you what hues are best for your clothing, hair, makeup and accessories. By draping you in different coloured fabrics in the appropriate lighting, we’ll explore colours together — showing what doesn’t work for you, and most importantly, what makes you shine!


There are a lot of other great perks to trying this fun appointment, such as:

  • Getting a healthy looking glow on your skin
  • Saving time and money on shopping.
  • Smooth out your skin tones.
  • Brighten the whites of your eyes and teeth naturally.
  • Saving time and frustration by confidently knowing what to look for in a store.
  • Knowing what makeup colours to select for yourself.
  • An understanding of what colours are best for your hair colour.
  • Understand what colours are best in your wardrobe and accessories.
  • Give you a wardrobe that flawlessly matches within itself.
  • Only selecting pieces for your wardrobe that you know will make you look great.
  • Give your hair a healthier and shinier look.
  • Get the new edge in business and image.
  • Reinforce your body’s positive energy…you’ll literally be wearing the law of attraction!
  • Have that “wow” factor effortlessly!


What to expect for your appointment:

We’ll come to your home with our colour fabrics to perform the colour analysis. We’ll have you sit in-front of a mirror near natural lighting (which we can bring if you don’t have it at no extra cost) and drape you in various coloured fabrics. It’s a visual appointment, so we’ll show you which colours are better for you and why as we put different coloured fabrics around your face. Once we’ve found what colours make you shine, we’ll provide you with a personalized colour wallet with your colours in it. We’ll sit down and how you how to use it so that you’ll understand how to find your colours when shopping for clothing and accessories!