Vanity Girl


The process of ‘getting ready’ in the morning can be a pleasure for some and a pain for others. I, for one, love the process of putting makeup on in the morning. So long as I’m not rushed, I find the routine to be quite relaxing.

One thing that makes a mass difference on how well the application goes, is lighting. With poor lighting, most end up with too much makeup on their face, and most of it ends up being the incorrect colour for their complexion. While bathroom lighting can be suitable, having your own vanity area with some great lighting is a bonus.

This light from Vanity Girl Hollywood is our newest obsession. Equipped with 6 professional dimming light bulbs, and a 25″ x 18″ mirror — it’d be hard to miss a spot or not see what your’e doing clearly.

Extremely feminine, with a mix of Old Hollywood glamour, this is the ultimate vanity set piece.

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