Want: Lippy Gold Trainers


It seems that lately, anything shiny within eye shot will instantly catch my attention these days, and is something that I cannot seem to get enough of in my closet. Perhaps it’s the ‘blah’ transition time from winter-to-spring that has me craving a pop of something exciting in my wardrobe and outfits. Whatever it is, metallics for me, are just what the doctor ordered.

I’ve always been a metallic lover, and have always been a believer of incorporating it into any look for a touch of fun; whether that be through accessories, footwear, clothing, etc.


While ‘window’ shopping online, I stumbled upon my newest obsession, Kurt Geiger’s Lippy Gold Trainers. When my eyes first feasted themselves on these sneakers, it was love at first sight: gold, silver, pearl accents, and lips on the back? I was sold. I literally gasped at the computer (dramatic on my end, I know), and instantly went to scoop them up, when I realized my size was out of stock. CRUSHED! I’ve since signed up for a notification list and am waiting (impatiently) to be notified of their return.

What I love about metallic sneakers is that you can style them so many different ways: boyfriend jeans and an oversized blouse, black trousers with a graphic tee and blazer, ripped denim and a blouse with patches — there are so many options! The best part, is metallic footwear is like jewellery for your feet — and add a little dash of fun, and attitude, to any look.

Will you give metallic footwear a try this season? How would you style them?