Work Outfits: Office Lookbook


Let’s face it, our mornings can be so busy some days that finding the extra time to put together a cohesive work outfit sometimes falls last on our priority list.

Many of my clients tell me how they often feel challenged when it comes to their office outfits because they resort to grabbing the same top and bottom they always do, and never using a combination outside of that. I’m told frequently that getting into this cycle leaves them feeling uninspired and bored with their work wardrobe.

Transitioning into spring can often make dressing for the office evening more challenging as it’s cool when we leave the house in the morning, but warm mid-day.

I’ve put together and office lookbook of five different work outfits, plus one casual Friday look, you can draw inspiration from to help switch things up in your closet, or to give you some ideas on how you can layer and deal with the transition from winter to spring.

I incorporated a dash of colour too for those that are looking to use a pop of colour in their outfits every now and then.

Click on the video below and let me know which look you like best.