Your Back to School Outfit


Back-to-school is finally here; busy parents have been running around gathering school supplies and clothing for their kids upcoming school year.

Many of my clients tell me they went through their child’s closet taking an inventory of what was worn out, what to toss, what fit, what looked cute, what was dated, and also made a list of what they needed. They told me that with that list they went to stores and carefully picked out outfits that they loved and knew their child would love wearing too. They knew the colours they picked looked good, the style was current,  and that most of the outfits they put together mix and matched with one another making busy mornings easier (one less thing to worry about!).

Moms knew that the cute looks they put together for their kids would make their child feel special, that their baby would feel excited about going back-to-school while looking and feeling good in their new outfits.

But what about Mom? Where is your back-to-school outfit?

The careful planning and thoughtfulness you put into your family’s attire should also be given towards yourself. You deserve to look and feel good as you go about your day as well. Even if you’re not heading to school, a fresh look during this time of year is always nice and well deserved for all of the things you look after.

How you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror affects your entire day; your confidence, your self-talk, and your emotional well-being. Give yourself some back-to-school time and go through your own closet with these tips:

  1. Keep only what you love.
  2. Store items that don’t fit in another area to avoid clutter and the dreaded “I have nothing to wear” feeling.
  3. Toss any items that are worn out.
  4. If an item doesn’t fit properly, ask yourself if it can be altered to flatter your figure. If not, donate it.
  5. Make a list of pieces you need to give you more versatility (neutrals, wardrobe staples, patterns, etc.).

If you’re unsure how to elevate your style, I’d love to help. I have both in-person and virtual style options.