2019 Goals

After letting you all in on what I learned in 2018, I took some time to reflect on what I wanted for the year ahead. I have a lot of different goals in mind that are important to me (far too many for a post), but decided to share some of my macro goals for the year. With my goals, I always create a vision board to help remind me of what I'm envisioning and striving for, but will create a video on YouTube this week of that process and what it's like for me.

Many people pick a 'word of the year' to define how they'd like things to-go. While I've never done this myself, I decided to give it a try as it resonated with me. I, however, have two words that I'm using (I never was much of a rule follower):


FLOW was the first word that came to me. Last year, as I mentioned, kicked my ass a bit. I constantly felt overwhelmed and overworked. This year, I want to flow. I want to-do what's in alignment with my soul; both professionally and personally. If it feels good and like something the highest and best version of me would do, then I'm all for it. I want my schedule to flow, feel natural, effortless and on purpose with my desires and service. Everything else can fall away.

FOCUS is the second word that rang really strongly for me. I admit that I can get distracted easily -- often because I can put too much on my plate or get distracted by social media. For that reason, I want to really hone-in and focus on the goals, situations, people, and the service to others that's important to me. I want to define my schedule enough that I still have flexibility while setting-up strong boundaries for myself. There's many things I often push aside that are important to me because of the reasons mentioned above, and I've suffered the consequences of it.

With those words in mind, here are some macro goals that I'm focusing on:


As I mentioned in my previous post, when things get busy, my wellness routines are the first to fly right out the damn door. I hate that I do this, and know some of you can relate. This year, I'm focused on prioritizing me. I'm jumping into eating well and exercising (more on the mind/spirit aspect of wellness in a bit). I've been creating a schedule for myself that ensures I'm set-up for success and that makes these things apart of my daily schedule, rather than something I have to try and fit into it. When I prioritize these things, I'm more energized, sleep well (something I particularly lack), and feel much more clear. I want to feel strong, alive, vibrant, and healthy.  Things I haven't felt in a long time. I've let my health take the back seat for years, and baby, it won't be happening any longer. I've even scheduled my first 5km race and am so pumped to do it!


While I struggle with this in big ways, it's a goal I'm really excited about. I'm a workaholic at heart. I love to serve the women I work with, teach, and connect with. I'm lucky to say that my work doesn't actually feel like work. But, last year taught me that despite that, I still need to disconnect and take a break. For 2019, I'm setting some big boundaries on my social media, work, texting with friends and family, and anything else that impedes on my personal time (including other media sources like TV, internet, or Netflix). I've often felt SO pressured to reply to things right away, check-in frequently, go to every invite and more. The reality? It's all self-imposed and un-necessary. I'm a woman that loves her quiet, solo, down-time. Being connected to things 24/7 is really draining for me. I love getting outdoors, curling up with a book, seeing family/friends privately, and journaling/doodling to my hearts content. I want to-do more of these things. I show-up in work and relationships one-hundred times stronger when I take time to disconnect and play. So, this year will have more clear-cut work hours, less time in-front of a screen and more time living in the real world. My soul needs it.


For those of you that watched Vlogmas on my YouTube channel, you'll know that Sean and I have been house-hunting. This year, I want to find our new home. A space where he and I can grow, make memories, and be.


Over the past two years, my YouTube channel has become such a passion of mine. I really love the positive community that's being created there and love serving the dynamic and inspiring women in my Style Squad. They all bring such joy in my life and engaging with them is such a pleasure. While I haven't quite hit the 100,000 subscriber mark just yet, I'm eyeing a goal of 200,000 for 2019. Lofty, yes, but I'm all for setting my sights on big things. I'm also looking to diversify my content there to other things that interest me outside of fashion, so I'm looking forward to sharing those aspects of myself with my #StyleSquadAngels as well.


My spiritual self is really important to me. It's something that lifts me up and nourishes my soul. My faith drives me to be a better person and inspires me. This year, I want to continue diving deep into my faith, making time for prayer, meditation, church, and home church. Like my wellness goals, this too is being scheduled into my day so that I can be more intentional about it.


I'm all about decluttering lately (wait till you see the makeup/beauty declutter video I have coming your way!). What started out as a pre-moving task has morphed into a lifestyle shift. I have far too much useless shit in my home. Things that I stored incase I used them, bought for an occasion and never looked at again, or impulse buys that were a waste of money. This year, I want to purchase less, and invest wisely. I want to buy better quality and buy more intentionally. I only want items that add value to my life, closet, etc.  I've always applied this to style but seemed to forget about the rest of my home. I can't wait to see how this declutter/intentional spending unfolds this year.


I can't wait to see how these macro goals unfold for me this year! Are you a goal setter? What are some things you're striving for this year? Share them in the comment section below!


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