"I recently had the opportunity to complete Christie’s Personal Stylist Training course and have thoroughly loved it.  I signed up for the course on an instinct at the last moment, having no idea where this would lead to.  I have learned so much from this course about styling and starting a business.  It has built my confidence, fueled my passion to use my love of fashion and style to bless and bring confidence into other women’s lives.  It has opened my mind to the possibility of building a business that has an impact.  I’m so grateful for the chance to do this and for Christie’s willingness to share what she has learned through her experience with others.  Thank you."

-Kristene C.

I’ve discovered Christie’s YouTube channel back in April 2019 and found out about the Personal Stylist course shortly after. Finally - almost 1.5 years later -  I decided to invest in myself and my business and signed up. I’ve not regretted this one second! I’ve always been into style and fashion and just love to help women look and feel beautiful and after mainly being a stay-at-home mom for almost 16 years, I registered my own personal stylist business back in January this year. I absolutely loved this course and highly recommend it! The Personal Stylist training helped me so much to finally have the professional knowledge behind everything and gave me the confidence and believe to officially call myself a personal stylist. This course is worth every penny, it is very detailed and the perfect tool to start your own styling business! "

-Julia S

"I have always loved clothes but over recent years I have lost my sense of Style.  My body no longer looked like it had when I was younger and I no longer knew how to style it. I was stuck in a rut.

I happened on Christie Ressel on YouTube. Her approach resonated with me. 

Having taken the Jumpstart Your Style and Next Level Closet Curation courses I can honestly say that I have rediscovered the joy of putting outfits together,  of rediscovering my style.  There is a  great satisfaction in discovering new combinations of clothes you already own. Previously I was stuck in old thought patterns of having nothing to wear and couldn't see how versatile a closet I already had.

I loved being a part of the Facebook group for each course. Everyone was there for the same reason, even if we were all starting at different points of our style journey. 

Christie has a very holistic approach to style. For her it's not just about the clothes, it's about the feelings the clothing evokes in you, the intentions you want to portray with your outfit and how essential it is to dispense with negative self talk. When you work with Christie you are in a warm supported space where there is no judgement. She is a beautiful person  both on the inside and outside and your life will be greatly enriched having spent time working with her." 


– Paula F.


"I can't recommend Christie Ressel enough! Christie is such a breath of fresh air- she is humble, kind, professional, well organized, and relatable. She knows her stuff and makes you feel at ease. She is gifted in so many ways! I highly recommend Christie for all of your Styling needs as well as for your coaching needs for your business. I feel like she has provided  me with all the tools and some to take my businesses to the next level. Thank you so much Christie for being the amazing person you are! I hope to be a good student and be living proof that with your tools in hand the sky is the limit!

All the best always."


– Gabriela R.

"The Aligned Empire was one of the most inspiring experiences I have had.  Christie’s leadership and guidance in working through everything from vision boards,  branding colors, identifying my key demographic, to first steps in developing course materials, was invaluable.  I was ready to do the work and Christie was there to give the extra push through workbook and homework assignments. Six wonderful weeks of challenging, exciting and confidence building information!  Plus, Christie provided an extra Zoom call session for questions we had that was so appreciated by the group.  Christie, thanks for all the time and expertise you put into this for us!! 

I would highly recommend this course for any entrepreneur who is ready to do the work to go to the next level."

– Karen S.

"As someone who has never given much thought to her style and is constantly wearing black, and who over lockdown was living in tracksuits, as well as dealing with a changing body shape, I began to think more about style and found Christie's YouTube channel. I loved her bubbly personality and it opened up a whole new world to me so when she launched the Vibe Up programme I knew it was the perfect opportunity to explore style further. The programme was fantastic, Christie has so much knowledge and imparts it in such an easy, friendly and relaxed way. The exercises were fantastic and really allowed you to understand the style principles being talked about. In addition, having a Facebook group full of supportive women added so much and allowed us to explore and experiment further in a safe space. While I have more work to do on developing my style, I definitely feel vibed up after the programme and much more open to trying new things. I would highly recommend Vibe Up and look forward to trying some of Christie's other programmes and services in the future."


– Karen H.


"I just finished the Vibe Up 21-day program. It was the first time I ever joined such course and I would say it definitely went beyond my expectations. This is a group course. For this session, I think we were 40 or so. This creates a great support group of people from totally different ages, backgrounds, locations to exchange with and get advices and tips from. I also found that I got inspired by others stories or outfits and also enjoyed the reality checks whenever I read comments and realized that some of my personal doubts or struggles were shared by many others and they had been overcome so I could do it too.

Christie’s many live sessions online for us in the group are lively and interactive. Nothing is staged or pre-recorded and it feels natural and friendly, it puts you at ease to ask questions or try new things and get excited to do the outfit challenges she proposes.

I got to the end of the program and feel I am now able to articulate properly (with words and image references) what my style is, how to make it work for me. I also got a huge boost of self-confidence after learning to let go of old fears or irrelevant insecurities I might have created for myself over time.

Christie’s general recommendations and personal advices when commenting on one of the pictures of outfits we post on the group private FB page are always practical and useful. When suggesting something different or improvements, she mentions why / how it would make the look even better, helping you learn some more along the way.

She’s a wonderful stylist and she knows her stuff but beyond that, she is a very caring and giving person who does take her job at heart and really wants to help and make you feel your better improved self. She is not pushing a style or a fashion trend. She tries to understand your own personality and vibe and adjust her recommendations when interacting with you.

So, all in all, a wholehearted big recommendation on this course."

– Isabelle S.

"Christie Ressel is hands down my favorite Personal Stylist. Working with her took my wardrobe to the next level, improved my mood and also saved a lot of my time. What I truly appreciate about Christie's approach is that she encourages you to follow your authentic style. This makes you so much more confident, brave and empowered! On top of that, her approach saves you money, time and is environmentally friendly. You end up buying less items but they really work for you. You don't waste closet space with things that don't serve you. Working with Christie is one of the best things any woman (and men) can do for themselves!" 

– Agnes

"Christies energy, experience/knowledge and ability to style women of all different body types and personal styles drew me to her. A lot of life changes were happening around the time I met Christie and working with her was like a fresh start!  Years later I am even more grateful to have met her and worked with her.  

The experience allowed me to grow, see things from a different perspective and gave me the knowledge and confidence to really hone in on my style, to embrace it and express myself. Just like everything in life, some things come easy to us and others not so much.  Fashion never really came easy to me.  I knew what I liked and the look I wanted but I didn’t understand why I wasn’t achieving it or how to tweak things to work for my body type.

You don't know what you don't know and the best solution is to seek someone who has the expertise to teach you.  Christie is the Teacher who shows by example and explains things in depth so you understand.  When you understand something, that knowledge gives you confidence to try new things, to have fun with it and get creative! She is a natural Stylist with so many awesome tips and tricks up her sleeve!

Christie has either heard it all or been there so she understands and has solutions and examples that put you at ease.  Her openness in sharing personal experiences and advice is uplifting, inspiring and enlightening! It is amazing how much you learn about yourself and how everything is connected!  When you look back on this experience and realize the difference in how you feel and how it affects all areas of your life, its mind-blowing! As a Creative, I know when you have passion for something, you get excited about it, you want to share it and you do it with love and enthusiasm and thats evident with Christie.

This isn’t just a job to her, its her passion and she genuinely wants her clients to be happy, to find their style and feel great about themselves! Thanks so much Christie! xoxo"

- Lianne G.

“Going through the style process with Christie is transformational. I am a mid-fifties professional who felt stuck in a rut with my style – not sure how to dress for my changing body and age, and how to shop for styles of clothing that would flatter and enhance my style. I came across Christie while doing an on-line search. Not only did she fulfill my hopes and expectations, but she exceeded them. I chose the Full Makeover package.

When speaking initially to Christie on the phone and during the first home visit, I knew that I had made the right decision. Christie has a whole set of personal skills that make working with her a pleasure. She is bright, vivacious, funny, positive, and open. In addition, she has extremely strong professional skills and applies them from the first telephone call and onwards. She knows her stuff and steers you with an able hand through showing you your most flattering colours, teaching you how to apply your make up, reviewing your closet, shopping in the stores, and remixing clothing in your closet. She determines your best colours, explains the best styles for your body shape, shows you how to put together items in your wardrobe in new and interesting ways – the list goes on and on. She also teaches you along the way and leaves you with the knowledge and tools so that you can more confidently continue the process on your own- knowing she is merely a text away in case you are in need of some quick advice. She doesn’t impose or try to make you someone that you are not but she does encourage you to be open-minded and to take some risks. She gets to know you and your style and enhances who you already are.

Daily compliments from family, friends, and co-workers are just an added bonus. Hiring Christie was not something that I needed to do. It was something that I wanted to do. It was also something that I was so glad that I did. I plan on collaborating with her again for my spring/summer wardrobe. Working with her made such a difference to my outer appearance, but it is the difference that I feel inside that I value the most. Thank you so much, Christie.”

– Mary B.

I first contacted Christie a year ago. Having turned 50 I was looking for a way to re-invent myself. I met with Christie multiple times as she helped me with the difficult task of becoming stylish, yet practical. She confidently and effectively helped me update my entire wardrobe; working as a busy Principal, living on hobby farm with many animals, and being a mother and wife. At all times Christie was warm and kind. Even when I proceeded to try on everything in my closet last year, she made me feel at ease with her professional opinions and comments. Learning about my colours was interesting and eye-opening. Even for a non-shopper that I am, shopping was fun with Christie, as she had pre-selected clothes at each store that made me feel beautiful and sexy.

Since then I have stayed in contact with Christie and gone for one more shopping session to round out my wardrobe. I can honestly say I have worn every single item I purchased, even those that were a tiny bit out of my comfort zone. Mornings are far less stressful as I hear Christie’s voice in my head say, “everything in your capsule wardrobe goes with everything!”

I have received many complements recently and feel very confident. I may not have the body of a 25 year-old anymore but I do have a much better fashion sense, thanks to Christie. It is amazing what her clothes and color selection has done to my sense of self and how I feel about myself. I highly recommend working with Christie and I look forward to more advice and shopping trips with her.

– Erin H.

“As an entrepreneur and a busy mom of two little people, my fashion routine had taken a backseat for quite sometime. Getting dressed in the morning was something I no longer enjoyed.  It had become a lackluster event…and not a great way to start my day. I decided it was finally time to do something about it!
Luckily through an online search I found Christie and signed up for her “VIP Style Package” and I couldn’t be happier with the results! From my colour analysis (it’s amazing what the right colours can do for you!), to the wardrobe clean out (which was severely needed and lots of fun!) and a day of shopping together (the icing on the cake) Christie was warm, sincere and loads of fun. 
She really listened to what I needed for my lifestyle and helped me transform my wardrobe into something I thoroughly enjoy wearing now! She taught me about what clothing looks best on my body shape and how colours and shapes can play a major role in bringing out your best features. It has made the biggest difference in how I buy clothing, how I feel about my body and how I continue to dress. My morning routine actually takes more than 5 mins now and that is a GREAT thing in my books. I feel confident and beautiful in my clothing and all around better about myself. I actually enjoy getting dressed again, the only downside is a have to wake up at little earlier because I am actually looking after myself now LOL. But it’s a great “problem” to have.
Treat yourself to one of Christie’s Style packages and I promise you will not be disappointed! Her passion for her clients shines through all of her interactions and her warmth and fun personality is contagious. I cannot say enough great things about the whole experience! From start to finish it was just a sheer pleasure to be a part of.  
Thank you Christie from the bottom of my heart.”
– Michelle

“First and foremost, Christie is a BEAUTIFUL person both inside and out.  She was the first person that came up on my search for an image consultant; I found her bio to be extremely warm and inviting and called her right away. I instantly felt a connection with her and decided to move forward with a package that offered a colour consult and closet makeover.  I needed help picking the right colours for my complexion, clothing styles for my petite body structure, and most importantly, how-to inject fun pieces into my wardrobe but make it look effortless!  As a working professional and mom, I wanted a wardrobe that was polished both at work, and when I was running around with my son to his activities.  

We covered so much ground in our first meeting and her personality was infectious! She was full of spirit and fun (even a bit silly at times which suited me just fine!), yet grounded and nurturing in her recommendations.  I couldn’t wait for our next meeting to go through my closet!  At our closet meeting – what started out calm and organized turned into what felt like a fashion runway show!  She pulled together pieces that I would have never thought of, but were on point, brought pieces to life that I had purchased, but not worn. She pushed me a little out of my comfort zone; but reinforced that I will look my best when I am wearing things that are suited to MY body type and not only a fad, trend, colour or style that is popular.  By comparing items in my wardrobe that worked and didn’t, I was able to conceptualize and understand what she saw and the difference it made in my look.  This makes a huge difference now in pieces that I pick out and how I shop.  I had a blast shopping with her and the best way to describe the experience was like shopping with your best friend with silly outakes! I loved it!!  

It doesn’t take long to develop a connection with Christie – her personality is THAT inviting!

I now follow her on her YouTube channel, Instagram, and Twitter – her advice and product reviews are spot on! Although she has taught me so much already, I still try to find ways to work with Christie.  She has helped me find myself, love myself, and empower myself.  From one woman to another – invest in yourself and welcome Christie into your world and treat yourself to champagne experience!”

–  Sharmistha M.

 “A few years ago, Christie Ressel basically changed my entire outlook on clothing, fashion and the importance of forward your best personal image. Without a doubt, using Christie’s services has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Once an aimless shopper trying to squeeze in to the next “trend”, Christie made me realize that I didn’t need to do a complete overhaul of my wardrobe, or make drastic changes to achieve my own look.
After getting my colours done and having Christie raid my closet, I began looking at everything differently. From clothing to shoes and accessories, to pairing pieces together I never would have imagined doing, I now dress with confidence knowing that I can look good and be totally comfortable in a style that expresses who I am. Within my existing wardrobe, Christie was able to highlight what worked, and helpfully pointed out some things to avoid. 
As someone who spent years on television, it was always important to have a put-together look that was both professional and expressive of my own style. But the things I’ve learned from Christie have transcended every aspect of my life. Shopping now has never been more fun. I’m more conscious of what I buy, based on being able to zone in on my colours and flattering fits. I can immediately identify what I know won’t work or what to pass on. Since meeting with Christie, I have lost count of how many times friends, family, coworkers, even complete stangers, have come up to me and commented on my “well put-together look”. Hearing that never gets old!
What’s so great about Christie is that she not only brings an in-depth knowledge and expertise of her field to the table, but always includes elements of fun and flair to her work. She is an absolute dream to work with and be around. Christie’s positivity and caring attitude is infectious and her passion clearly shines through in every thing she does. 
Let me put it this way, thanks to Christie, I realize now that it’s not only about buying the right sweater or boots. Nor it it about having the latest fad hanging in my closet. It’s about knowing how to use and maximize what you’ve got, and feel good about it. That’s true style. Please, do yourself a favour and let this woman work her incredible wonders on you. I promise, you will not be disappointed.” 
–  Jackie V.

“The best two words I can give you about Christie? HIRE HER. I first hired Christie while I was on maternity leave with my second baby. I was 6 months post-partum and hadn’t really bought any “real” new clothes since I was pregnant with my son 3 years before. My closet was a mish-mash of disposable pieces I purchased to get me through whatever season I was in, and nothing worked together. There was no cohesion in my closet and I was turning into the frumpy “lululemons and a t-shirt” mom. I came across Christie on Twitter, looked up her website and contacted her the next day. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I selected the complete makeover and was thrilled with the results. Simply by wearing the appropriate colours for makeup and clothing and buying clothes that fit properly, I felt like a new person. Friends and family immediately commented that I looked years younger and pounds lighter; an impressive feat when dealing with a toddler and an infant all day. One great thing about Christie is that she didn’t try to change who I was; on the contrary, she really listened to what I said and brought out who I was and what I was comfortable in. She pushed me out of my comfort zone a little bit to encourage my to try new things and I look better as a result. (I now actually wear accessories, thanks to her.) She works miracles in stores, pulling together outfits you would never have managed on your own.

I was so impressed with the results that I hired her for my husband. I re-hired Christie for myself when I needed to purchase my back-to-work wardrobe a few months ago. Two more of my family members have now hired her, as has one of my neighbours. As skilled as she is with makeup, determining your colours and being a shopping whiz, Christie is one of the most fun, personable and genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She makes you feel as if you’re out shopping with your best friend. My makeover with Christie left me feeling 10 years younger and 20lbs lighter! Everyone needs to work with her – do it for yourself!”

– Melissa G

“My experience with Christie was amazing.  I was starting a new job and felt rather insecure about my wardrobe.  Though most things still technically fit, I just never really felt great…  So I braced myself for a weekend at the mall to try to come up with a work wardrobe.  While procrastinating, I came across Christie’s website and couldn’t stop thinking about it.  So I sent her an email, and never looked back!!  She came over and we did my colours (eye opening!), and went through my wardrobe.  What an experience!  Next weekend we went shopping, and be warned, once you shop with Christie, you’ll never want to do it on your own again!!  Not only was it fun and stress-free, I walked out with a perfect complement to what I had at home.  And not only did the clothes fit me better than ever, they were so soft that getting dressed for work is actually so comfy!  Christie tracked my budget and made sure that all the clothes were good quality, and none were going to be high maintenance.  I can’t say enough good things.  The things Christie taught me were eye opening and will stay with me when shopping on my own in the future…though I’m not sure I can ever go without her again.  :)” 

– Nora H.

“I have been in the television industry for 20 years, mainly in front of the camera, so how I look is very important. Do I ever wish I had Christie’s help 20 years ago. What a difference she has made in how I look. I have had many people comment recently on how well put together I look and how fabulous my style is. Now I have always had a sense of pride in how I dress and thought, for the most part I looked pretty good. But wow I have never felt better! With just a few changes and a better understanding of my body shape, not to mention colour I am loving how my clothes look. And the best part is I am re-working a lot of what I already owned, just wearing things a bit differently – as a belt is my new best friend! Thanks so much Christie. I can’t wait till I have you in to work my closet again.”

– Linda R, Television Producer

I found Christie through a google search. I didn’t even know her, or know anyone who knew her before I met her, nor did I work with a Stylist before. But I am so glad and grateful that google led me to her, that I was able discern that she was the best fit for me, and that she was phenomenal!  
She answered all my questions with patience and expertise. She is so personable and easy to talk to, and has this great mix of personal style, casual, glam, while having a keen eye for your shape, colour, and respecting YOUR budget and style. She saved me hours of scouring the mall, experimenting, and there were some surprise perks at the mall working with a stylist.
If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe, perhaps get ready for a photoshoot, or feel that your closet is full of clothes for different occasions (that you just can’t mix), or pieces that were not quite perfect, then I highly recommend Style Transformation Package with Christie. 
– Mariedel Z.

“Christie was lovely to work with and certainly understands style. A thoroughly enjoyable experience and “a must” for anyone who is looking to clear out the old, uncover the great, and find some new ways to making current trends work for you as an individual. As a busy professional, Christie provided an invaluable service by helping me look at my current wardrobe with fresh eyes and offered great suggestions to make my shopping trips easier and more enjoyable.”

– Adrianne S.

“Christie is so easy to get along with….it’s like hanging out with your best friend! She is organized and fun… and she knows her stuff! You won’t be disappointed.”

– Shelley, P.

“I had the opportunity to be Christie’s client on two occasions. In 2009, when I got my personal colours done and again in 2015 for my wedding. Christie is the best at what she does. Extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her talent. She explains every step of the process answers all questions and gives you tips on how to get the same look on your own. I received many complements on my wedding day on how beautiful I looked, Thank You Christie for making me look flawless on my most important day, my Wedding Day. I have and will continue to refer clients to Christie.”

– Lidia D.

“Christie was fabulous! She’s worth every penny. Helped achieve a goal I was unable to do on my own. I appreciate her ability to deal with personal issues in ways that made the consultation enjoyable and comfortable.”

– Linda R.

“Christie has a natural talent and feel for image. I was never a person that cared much about my outward appearance, but Christie’s warm and approachable character and genuine advice would make any individual, even myself, instantly excited about the way they look. During the colour analysis, I thought I would just be learning about the colours and styles that would suit my body and complexion. During our shopping trip, I thought I would be choosing a couple of functional items for my wardrobe. But my experience ended up being so much more. I feel more in touch with my image and confident in the way I look. I learned that certain colours and styles would enhance my appearance, but more importantly, I can walk into a room or look into a mirror and know that I look good. This confidence couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I actually enjoy shopping now and learned that it really isn’t that difficult. I know when something is right for me, and I will no longer have a closet full of clothes that I don’t wear. Christie’s practical approach has helped me to make decisions that not only suit my body type and complexion, but also my personality and lifestyle. I learned a lot from you, and your advice has been invaluable to me. Thank you!” 

— Sara F.

“You are great at what you do, Christie! Thanks to you I have been able to walk in and right out of a store knowing there is nothing for me there. Not only have I saved hours and hours of shopping time, I have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars by not buying clothes that aren’t right for me. I recommend you to everyone I know.”

– Heather S. 

“I found Christie to be very knowledgeable, kind, engaging and patient. She was very easy to relate to and was very open to addressing my many questions!” 

— Susan R.

“A big giant thank you, you have been amazing to work with from the very first email I sent. My wife is so incredibly happy with the overall services you have provided. The entire experience has been a major confidence booster for her. From a man’s perspective, it has been amazing to watch. Not only does she have a wonderful new wardrobe but knowledge of how / why certain pieces work together and how her body type needs to be taken in account when shopping for new articles of clothing. I was truly amazed with the amount of new pieces my wife was able to find given the budget she gave you. You have seriously done a terrific job !!! Morgen showed me a insta post the other night where you do like 20 outfits with one jacket; seriously unreal stuff!! SOO HAPPY WE FOUND YOU !

 We are so lucky to have found you on our first attempt. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you, you are a true professional. I would recommend you to any shaped person, with any size of budget looking for help update their current look.”

– T-Jay S.


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