5 Closet Mistakes You're Making

Sometimes it feels like our relationship with our wardrobes is fleeting at best; clutter often surrounds us and we’re left frustrated as we scour for something decent to wear in the morning. The thought of opening our closet in the morning and feeling excitement and ease as we select our look for the day can seem like a distant wish, but it doesn’t have to be.

Many women are often committing common mistakes in their closets that not only make the morning routing more arduous, but can easily be avoided.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid in your closet:

1. Out of sight, out of mind.

You want to make sure that you not only have easy access to your closet, but everything hanging it should be easy to see. Closets that are over stuffed may offer selection, but because most of it is so condensed, over half of it will go unused since it isn’t seen properly. Try changing your hangers to allow for more room or donating items you don’t use.

2. Hiding Accessories.

Many have heard that an accessory can change the look and feel of an entire outfit. When I ask to see the accessories my clients have, they often say they don’t wear them frequently as they fish them out of a box in the corner of their closet. When I show them how the different colours and textures can add life to a look, they often exclaim how much they love using accessories. A piece of jewellery can not only changes the look of an outfit, but can also tie colours that may otherwise not work together look beautiful. The key is to have them on display so they aren’t forgotten.  Craft stores like Michael is often a great resource for bracelet, ring and necklace holders to display your beautiful jewellery (whether costume or fine). This rule also applies to shoes and scarves.

3. Keeping Clothing “Just In Case”.

I think almost every woman can attest to the fact (myself included) that at some point in our lives, we’ve kept a garment in case we may re-visit it again one day; whether it be due to weight, style or not having any use for it currently. While it can be useful to store some items for future use, the reality is that the majority are items taking up space in our wardrobes — which leads to the first mistake mentioned above. I suggest pulling some of the filler items and ask yourself honestly if you will; wear it in the next six months, have anything in your closet that you can wear it with currently, feel good wearing it, need to alter it before you can wear it. If it needs to be altered, give yourself 2 months to have the piece changed to fit better: if it still sits in a pile waiting to be altered after that, donate it.

4. Missing pieces.

Taking inventory of what you have in your closet is important, but often forgotten in the quest of personal style. While creating a unique look that empowers you is a priority, it can be difficult without knowing what you have — or don’t — in your wardrobe. Making sure you have the basics in your closet is essential to creating outfit options for yourself. Once those pieces have been obtained, move onto other creative pieces you’d like to have for fun and personality. Create two lists for yourself; one of what you want in your closet (list all of your basics in there, too) and another as a shopping list for things you need from your want list. Doing this will offer guidance when you’re out at the shops.

5. Regular clean-outs

Like everything in our homes, our closets also need regular cleaning. Once or twice a year, go through the list above and purge, organize and list what you may or may not need. A good trick is to turn all of the hangers so that they are facing outwards in your closet. As an item is used, it can be hung with the hanger pointing toward the inside of your closet again. After 6 months, any hanger that still hasn’t been turned inwards can probably be purged as it’s never used.


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