Elevate Your At-Home Style

Do you take pride in what you wear at home?

When out at work, it’s assumed you’d want to dress to impress; but in our Netflix generation, we seemed to have lost that ability at home.

We spend SO much time, money, and effort creating a beautiful space around us at home, and then somehow decide to overlook ourselves in our own environment.

I did a live video in my Facebook group yesterday talking about the importance of dressing high-vibe, even when at home. When we feel good in our clothing, we attract more good into our lives. Our relationships, relaxation, and energy are better. Law Of Attraction at work via our style.

Am I asking you to rock work attire at home? No, let’s not be unreasonable. But sweats are not the only option for comfort; and if they are — it may be time to rethink what you have in your closet (why buy things that are uncomfortable?).

Can you wear your comfies at home? Sure, of course you can. But, I’d rather feel like the best version of myself all the time, don’t you? I can still do that through other clothing options that allow me to feel lux AND comfortable at the same time. The two can co-exist.

I created a monthly style challenge for my Style Squad on FB to dress in what would make them feel like the best version of themselves at home. To get us to re-think how our clothing makes us FEEL when in our own environment. After all, it’s not about what you wear, it’s about how the clothing makes you feel and impacts your world as a result.

If you want to participate, tag me in your social media (@ChristieRessel) and use #FashionTranslated as your hashtag.

Can’t wait to see what feels high-vibe to you all at home!


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