How To Do Virtual Styling

Don’t know how to-do virtual styling?


You’re not alone. A lot of personal stylists were thrown into the deep-end last year with the pandemic – learning to navigate online styling and how to create the same results for their clients online that they can create in-person.


After-all, when you can’t be there to move and touch the clothing and show what you need to with someone, how do you make it all happen?


That’s exactly what I’m covering in today’s podcast episode. I’m providing some things to consider when navigating the online space and what helped me facilitate transformations for clients online. 


Want to deep diver further? This is the last week to register for the online personal stylist training. We cover all of the style info you need to know when become a personal stylist, the business side (what to charge, how to start), and of course, how-to do virtual styling sessions in-depth. Doors close Friday! 


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