How-To Transition Your Closet From Summer to Fall

As we move further into September and the warm weather begins to decline, many, myself included, begin to think about pulling out items we’ve stowed away for the fall/winter season. While some may dread the cooler months, fall is my favourite time of year (including my favourite fashion season), so I’m very excited for the turn of weather.

When helping women go through their closets, the topic of transitioning between seasons often arises. I find that many empty the bins where all of their upcoming seasonal pieces have been stored and quickly get to hanging everything. All the items that aren’t for the upcoming season? They’re packed away.

While it’s key to only have items hanging in your closet that you’ll use, I have a few questions to consider when switching your closet from summer to fall:

  1. Did you wear it? Before you pack away any items for next year, think about how often you wore said garment. Did you make use of it, or only wear it once? How did you feel when wearing this piece? If your immediately reaction towards this piece is, “meh”, consider donating it and seriously ask yourself if it’s worth holding onto until next season. Garments you love to wear, make you feel good, and represent you and your style are the ones that should make the cut for the storage bin.

  2. What’s the condition? Like anything in our closet, the goal is to wear what we own, which can result in wear and tear on our most beloved clothing items. Before hanging up your new season pieces, or storing existing ones, take a look at the condition of your item. Does it need any TLC? Does it need to be dry-cleaned, altered, or have a button sewn on? Take care of these menial tasks now before you need to use the garment. When something’s been taken care of and fits properly, you’ll want to wear it twice as much.
  3. Does it represent who you are? As human beings, we are in a constant state if growth. Our tastes evolve as we do. So, it’s natural that our closet and the clothing that makes us feel ‘on’ would also. Whether you’re pulling out something for fall or packing it away, do a quick check-in with yourself and ask if you’d still purchase this piece today. If you would, that’s a great indicator that this piece still fits your vibe. If it doesn’t, see if there’s a way you could style it that would. If not, ask if it’s worth keeping.
  4. Taking the questions into consideration will keep your wardrobe feel fresh and on point with your style for the upcoming season.

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