How-to Wear A Crop Top At Any Age

One trend that has been strong throughout the past few seasons are crop tops. Oversized or fitted, these pieces can be found in retail stores everywhere.

Despite that, many of my clients tell me when I'm styling them that they refuse to wear a crop-top. "I'm too old for that" is the reasoning that immediately follows. But what if I told you that crop tops can be worn at any age? If you're up for trying this trend, here are my suggestions:

  1. Find the small of your waist. If you're going to put a horizontal line across your mid-section, ideally, it should be at the smallest part of it. While some of you will snort and say, 'nothing about me is tiny', I can assure you, we all have an area around our waist that dips in -- if only a little. Look for a crop-top that sits at that area -- whether fitted or oversized. Horizontal lines from hems become a focal-point for the eye, and should always ideally fall at the smallest area. If it falls just below that, it can easily make us look blocky.

  2. Grab high-waisted bottoms. Whether you're someone that loves trousers or skirts, opt for a bottom that will meet your crop-top at the small of your waist. This way, not only will your silhouette still be flattered, but your mid-drift will be covered, allowing the look to be sleek and appropriate for any age as well.
  3. Layer. If you're not a fan of high-waisted anything, try layering a long collar blouse underneath the crop-top. This will not only create a beautiful, long silhouette (great for both tall and petite shapes), but will also make the outfit look more interesting from the layering you're created. Since the top of the pants are covered, you can opt for a rise that you feel most comfortable with. If you don't mind a high-waisted look, adding an outer layer can also look really flattering and provide more coverage if you're looking for it (or new to this style).

Follow these simple steps and give this trend a try. It's a lot of fun and can look very chic. But as always, follow your comfort. If it's a trend that doesn't feel right to you, then honour that and move onto something else.

Have you ever tried the crop-top look?


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