How-to Wear Track Pants

I can't believe I'm saying this, but track pants are back. Yes, the 90's are back again and making their way, for the second time, into my closet. Being someone that grew up in the nineties, I distinctly remember rocking this look in high school and loving it. I loved my Adidas tearaway pants and basically wore them until they fell apart.

What I love about this look this time around is that it looks a little bit more polished. It's something anyone, at any age can wear. It's a little less Sporty Spice (although I'm not knocking my Spice Girls, I was and am a huge fan to this day).

While these track pants can still be worn with sneakers and a tee for a more casual aesthetic, I LOVE that this has been remade to be a bit more sophisticated by incorporating this trend into more of a wide-leg trouser cut that can be worn to work or for a night on the town.

I decided to dress my pair of track pants slightly by adding a pair of blue metallic heels (you know how much I love my metallics), a basic tee, statement necklace, clutch and a denim jacket. Simple and polished.  I've also worn these same pants with a chambray shirt tucked into the front.

For those that want to dress this style of pant up for work, I recommend purchasing some in nice neutrals and opting for a crisp white blouse on top (add a blazer for more professionalism). Pairing the look with a nice leather jacket would also create a beautiful edge. The outfit options are endless! Here are a few more examples I found inspiring below:

What do you think? Will you give this trend a try?


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