Must-Have Wardrobe Items To Transition To Fall

As summer comes to close and the temperatures slowly begin to change, our wardrobe needs to also. While we're not quite ready for head-to-toe coverage yet (weather wise anyway, I can't wait for cooler autumn days!), it can be challenging at times to figure out what to put on in the morning to look appropriate as we transition to fall.

I always discuss with my clients that some good key items are all we need to help our closets transition to fall. Here are a list of must-have items I recommend as a personal stylist:

  1. Printed pants: Yes, I think printed pants are a must-have in any transitional wardrobe. A multi-coloured pant is even better if you feel comfortable enough to wear it. Trousers like these will not only easily pair with other items in your closet because of the various hues on it, but will also add some interest to your look because of the print. Worried about wearing them because of your body-type? Don't worry, I show anyone how-to wear a printed pant.
  2. Metallic shoes: Metallic footwear has been on-trend for numerous seasons now and shows no-signs of stopping (which, thank-God, I'm having a full-blown obsession with them). Whether you opt for them in a classic metallic like silver or gold, or perhaps a colourful metallic, this footwear will not  only keep you current looking, but will again, pair seamlessly with anything in your closet. Think of it as jewellery for your feet; it'll elevate any look. Want more footwear trends? Check-out my fall shoe trends video here. 

  3.  A good blazer: whether you want to opt for a printed blazer (for the same purpose as the floral pants), or a classic, these layering items are great wardrobe essentials to have all-year round. Blazers can make even the most casual summer items transition to fall looking more polished and add great texture to any look.
  4. Oversized Sweaters: While not the most flattering of shapes on anyone's silhouette, having something snuggly in your closet is always a must. After all, comfort is key; am I right? I love pairing sweaters with shorts as the temperatures drop, front-tucked into pants, skirts, or even belted over some leggings (assuming the sweater covers your tush -- leggings are not pants, ladies).

  5. Scarves: Could we talk about fall without mentioning scarves? I think not. While you may not want to pull out your knit scarves just yet, lighter, more flowing fabrics layered over basics tees, blazers, or dresses will instantly add an effortlessly cool-casual vibe to any look while also helping you transition to fall beautifully.
  6. Ankle boots: Ankle boots are a great wardrobe staple each year. I love how they ground the look of a dainty summer dress, pencil skirt, or just add more chunkiness to jeans or trousers (especially when paired with tights). There are so many styles for everyone's personality; whether you like combat, classics, western, or embellishment styles.

Anyone else as pumped for the fall season as I am?


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