The Reason You’re In A Style Rut

So many women tell me that they’re stuck in leggings and a tee and feel like they’ve lost their style. They want something more for themselves, but often resort to the ‘same old thing’ over and over again. 

This process chews away at your confidence, self-esteem and has you wondering where the hell you disappeared too. 

I’m here to give you some tough love today and give you some reasons why you’ve in a style rut. 


  1. Guilt. This is a big one. So many women experience guilt when thinking of taking time for themselves instead of looking after their kids, business, partner, friends, commitments, etc. They often look at their style as a frivolous thing that can come as an after thought. NO. Taking time to create a style that makes you feel cute and put together when you look in the mirror puts you in a higher vibration. It not only gives you time to give back to yourself so that you can feel good, but when you do, that higher energy you’re experiencing goes back 2 fold to those around you. You’re happier, more productive, and filled with possibilities. If you’re a business owner – think about how feeling good, productive, and filled with possibilities – how that energy could transform your day and the clients you attract. HELLO!? That’s a big thing to pay attention to. Drop the guilt. You’re worth it and style is not fluffy, it’s necessary.
  2. You hide behind the excuse that leggings are easy to slip on. Now this may hurt, but this excuse is one that comes up all of the time and I gotta tell you, it’s lazy. It takes the same amount of effort to put your legs into a pair of leggings, as it does pants (actually, maybe even MORE effort as some of those babies are tight!). Being that that’s the case, it really comes down to a choice you’re making. You’re still deciding that the leggings are more worth it to you. It’s easier to complain about wearing the leggings than actually doing something about them. But the thing is, if you want a different result, you have to-do something different. Nothing changes if nothing changes. No one is going to drag your butt to the closet in the morning and make you change into a more up-levelled outfit that communicates something better. You have to choose that for yourself. So if you aren’t, why are you holding yourself back? Because this type of behaviour can be a form of self sabotage. It can really take from your self-worth and create some negative self-talk because you don’t like what you see the in the mirror. You style isn’t communicating what a beautiful bad-ass you are. Let’s do something about that. 
  3.  You buy without using what you’ve got. Now, hear me out. I love a good shopping moment. I love it so much in-fact that I made it a career LOL! But, if it’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you need to be strategic about what you put into your closet and also get creative with the things that are there. Women tell me all the time that they have “nothing to wear” and it’s one of the things I love proving people wrong with. Your closet is always chalk filled with outfit potential if you just spend a little time. Yes, it takes effort, yes it takes time (which I know we can feel short on), but the payback is worth it. You will end the ridiculous cycle of buying for the purpose of just wanting something “new” in your closet and switch to buying pieces that add value and more to your personal style. More outfit possibilities. My Jumpstart program is so good and helping you see what’s there – and helps you see that you don’t need a full makeover to up level your style. Sometimes you just need a fresh way of looking at things! So, my program gives you a really detailed workbook filled with things to journal on, and lots of strategies and exercises that will help you go through your closet. You also get 14 videos from me that are LIVE so you can ask me things along the way and be with like minded women looking to level up and get intentional. 


Long story short, if you’re feeling like you’ve lost yourself a little, let’s decide to choose a different narrative. Start with baby steps and just something tomorrow that will make you feel a little more special. You’re worth it. Xo


Listen to the full podcast episode here  


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