Top Wardrobe Mistake Women Make

Our closets can either be a source of happiness or frustration. They can help us feel like the best version of ourselves or the worst.

Having done hundreds of wardrobe makeovers over the past decade, I’ve noticed some common themes with women as to why some of us may be experience closet pains.

In my latest YouTube video, I discuss some of the top wardrobe mistakes women make, and of course, how to correct them.


As a bonus for stopping by here, I also have an extra tip that’s not included in the video:

  • Not allowing your style to evolve. As we go through our lives, it’s natural that our tastes and interests change. We seek joy in new things and allow our tastes to explore other avenues with movies, art, books, hobbies, work, etc. However, with clothing, I find that often women tend to find a style and then stick with it — even if it’s something that doesn’t feel like them any longer (or perhaps because they’re hesitant to try something new in fear of ‘doing it wrong’).It’s so important to allow ourselves the freedom to step outside of the box when it comes to our style. Even if you have found something that works for your style and body-type, be open to allowing yourself to explore new silhouettes, colours, and styles. You may be surprised and what you end up enjoying! Can you do something “wrong”? No. Pay attention to what works for your shape, and you should be okay. Otherwise, fashion is all about creative freedom and playing dress-up in a way that feel authentic to who we are. If you feel stuck with your style, look to Pinterest or other sources of style inspiration to help you get ideas of what you’re looking to shake up in your wardrobe.








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